How is it possible ?

Just tell me how is it possible ?

I m so affected by you,

Your rudeness, your hatred,

Nothing took you from me.

Just tell me how is it possible !

You so unaffected by me,

My love, my care,

Nothing ever touched you.

I m thirsty, like the first day,

And you ! dry as always,

My pain, my suffering,

All in vain.

Your coldness, your crudeness,

All approved, all accepted.

Just tell me ! how it is possible ?

P.C. ~google



Variant feelings, testimony of life.

You are felt ,

Some with shedding tears,

Some with broad smiles .

Bad or good you are there to make us feel alive.

No matter how dark you may be ,

No matter at all,

Only truth is that you are felt, is a testimony of life.

Wondering in all this,

All talked in their blues,

When encountered the dark side of you.

it makes them cold,

it makes them gone,

That is always what they grumble,

I wonder this ,

It’s life no less ,

Then why they fuss !

The shade of yours to whine,

To grumble, to talk,

Is the one never ever talked about,

One of your true dark shades.

One of it is there,

Felt deep, felt silently ,

far from whine.

Every feeling of it,

confirm the living is dying..

And that is oh Feeling,

Is one of your darkest shade,

It is that emptiness,

That tiredness,

That feeling, “feeling not to live”

Dearie give all your shades to all .

High, low, good, bad, happy, sad,

success, failure, love, hate,

acceptance, ignorance,

companionship, lonely,

shower your all shades on all.

Give all at least one reason to live,

to smile, to cry..

But never that shade,

Never that feeling,

Never that emptiness,

Never that tiredness…


P.c. – Google

मरती इंसानियत , हारता हिन्द

मैं भारत, देख रहा सब हूँ ,

मरते देख रहा हूँ , इंसानियत को मैं,

पनपते देख रहा हूँ , हैवानियत को मैं |

कल निर्भया थी , आज आशिफ़ा है |

कल तक हर गुनाह पर , मजहब बीच में ला रहे थे तुम ,

लो आज मजहब के नाम पे ही गुनाह कर आये तुम |

वाह इंसान ! देख रहा हूँ तुझ को मैं ,

पर देखते देखते मेरे , कब तू नफरत का ये ठेकेदार बना ,

नाम लेते लेते मेरा , कब मुझको ही भूला तु ,

सोच रहा हूँ , अब मैं यह |


P.c. google

बेईमान इश्क़/ Impostor love

जाना कल आई थी तुम मेरे सपने में ।

थोड़ी व्याकुल सी , थोड़ी परेशान सी ।

देख तुझको यूँ , मैं भी व्याकुल हो चला था ।

आंख खुलते ही , तेरा हाल-चाल जानना चाहा था ।

पर बदल लिए जाना, तूने तो अब जाना अपने ।

जा अब, पूछेंगे वही हाल-चाल तेरे l

साथी था तेरा मैं कभी , अब मुसाफिर हूँ मैं ।

कल सुना सखियों से बतलाते हुए तुझे की,

अफ़सोस हुआ तुझे , मैं आया नहीं तेरे पीछे ,

बेआबरू जो हमारी मोहबात की तूने, इज़्ज़त कुछ उसकी बचा रहा था मैं ।

पर जाना मोहब्बत तो तुमने भी की थी न ? आई क्यों नहीं तुम वापिस उसको बचाने ।

English Translation

Sweetheart last night you came in my dream,

Bit disturbed, bit worried,

Seeing you like that, how could I stay calm.

My eyes open wide, and I wanted to know , you doing fine ?

I remembered sweetheart then, you had changed your sweetheart now,

Now he will only see how you are doing.

I was your mate , now I am just a traveller,

I heard you complaining your friends, I did’nt tried, I did’nt came after you,

Sad you were.

But sweetheart how could I ?

Busy I was trying to safe the pride of our love which you had crushed badly.

One question just dear,

You were also in love na ? why did’nt you came back to save our love.

~ Sneha

P.C. Google

P.s. in context of a man ditched by a woman but still in hope, still concerned for her.

तेवर/ Attitude

ले बदल दिये मैने तेवर अपने ,

है अब मेरे हर एक आँशु का कर्ज तुझ पे ,

है तू कर्जदार अब मेरा ,

काबिल नही था मैं कभी तेरे ,

पास बुला के , बोल ये हर बार ठुकराया तूने,

ले नाकाबिल करार किया तुझको मैंने ,

औकात नही तेरी, चुका सके क़र्ज़ तू मेरा अब,

जा बदल दिए तेवर मैने अपने अब l


I am changed now, and so is my attitude,

You always asked for it so I am now,

You are in debt to my each tear,

You called me every time,

raising my hopes,

Only to shatter them, saying I am inapt ,

Today I declare you inapt,

Now unfit you are,

never ever can make yourself free from my indebtedness,

I am changed, and so is my attitude now.


P.c. Google.

P.s. in context of woman pain living wrong relationship.

एक उलझन/ tangle thoughts

बस एक जिद्द थी उसकी, कुछ सुनहरी यादें बुनने की संग तेरे ,

पर हर लमहे पे अफ़सोस हो, कुछ ऐसी यादें दे दी तूने उसे ,

एक मासूम सा सवाल था उसका , बिछडते हुए कुछ युं फिर भी ,

” याद तो आऊंगी ना मै तुम्हे कभी” l

English translation

She just wanted to have memories to treasure, you gifted her time to regret.

Fool she was , yet asking silly question on depart.

“Will you miss me someday ?”

~ Sneha

P.C Google.

उसकी कहानी / her story


कहानी बस तेरी और उसकी इतनी ही है ,

तू कुछ आबाद ज़्यादा है , संग उसको तू खुद के , इसलिए पाया है l

वो कुछ बर्बाद ज्यादा है , संग इसलिए तुझको खुद के उसने पाया है l

जो होती मोहब्बत उसे खुद से थोड़ी ,

तो तू युं मोहब्बत कि बारिश मे उसकी नहाया न होता l

~कहानी कुछ उसकी थोडी उसकी ही जुबानी अब~

कहानी बस तेरी मेरी इतनी
मै बर्बाद कुछ ज्यादा, तू आबाद कुछ ज्यादा,
मै बर्बाद तेरी बेरुखी से, तू आबाद मेरी मोहब्बत से l

English translation
Your and her story is this much only
You are blessed and lucky one that’s why you got her with you,

she is unlucky, cursed one that’s why got you around her,

If she had loved herself a bit more, than loved had not showered on you this way .

~The same story a little by her~

I am ruined a bit, you are blessed a bit,
I am ruined by your rudness, you are blessed by my love.

P.c. Google

P.s. in context of one sided love



कल मै  जो  था , आज  भी  वही  हूँ l
बस  दुनिया  बदलती  रहती  है  यारों l

                    English translation

I am the same as I was yesterday, just world around me keep changing, masks keep getting down, curtains keep rolling up.
~ Sneha
P.c. Google