अलग नजरिया, देश प्रेम एक / different opinion but love same

मै कौन ,

मेरी नराज़गी कौन ?

मै कौन, मेरी सोच कौन ?

पर वो मेरी माँ , वो तो कुछ है ,

उसकी नाराज़गी के तो मायने बनते हैं , उसकी सोच के तो मायने बनते हैं l

मुझ से ज्यादा वो नाराज है,

देख उसकी नाराजगी मैं दुखी हूँ ,

पर मुझ से ज्यादा वो दुखी है,

देख रही है अपने बच्चो को लड़ता वो, देख रही बोलती उनको माँ तेरी नही l

डर है माँ को, कर न दे बटवारा फिर से उसका ये नदान ज़िद्दी बच्चे ,

गैरो को न देदे मौका घर उसका तोड़ने का फिर से l

माँ मेरी, भारत है , देख रही है घर टूटता अपना वो l

English Translation

Who am I,

Why my disappointment will matter?

Who am I, why my thoughts will matter,

But the one who is our mother, she is something.

Her disappointment matters, her thoughts matter,

More than me she is annoyed,

Seeing her pain, I am upset,

but more than me she is upset .

She is watching her kids fighting, saying she is my mother not your’s,

Watching them becoming carrier of hatred for some selfish gainer of politics.

She is afraid the innocent kids of her will become reason for shattering her home again.

She is afraid in their innocence they will give others chance to enter her home and divide it .

Our mother is our motherland, she is in pain, seeing her kids getting divided by some selfish political gain.

P.s ~ Sad by Pulwama attack, another inhuman act to grieve on, sad to see humanity dieing, ironically in this moment too some ppl instead of grieving or paying tribute to great souls who are gone, declaring themselves nationalist and other anti-nationalist for not generalising any community or state.
I hate the persons who were behind this act, and I have full respect for all CRPF jawan who lost their lives, remember in these jawan there were some from the same valley and same community from where that person came who took these precious soul away from us.
Hate, love a person not generalise.
Pay tribute, grief not play dirty game of showing other down for not being like you.

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उम्मीद/ hope

थक सा गया हूँ मै ,

हार सा गया हूँ मै ,

फिर भी एक उम्मीद पे खड़ा हूँ मै

कि कभी आएगा दिन अपना ,

इस ज़िद्द पे अड़ा हूँ मै l

English Translation

Tired I am,

Losser I am,

But still on hope alive I am,

Will have my day,


On it stubborn I am.

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जिंदगी अजीब दास्ताँ /mysterious life

जिंदगी कितनी अजीब सी दास्ताँ है यह ,

रूठी हुई है परसों से , तो मानी हुई भी है हर दिन यह,

रात दर रात कटती है रुआंसी तन्हाइयो में , तो दिन दर दिन बितती है महफ़िलो में यह,

कोई उलझा सा अनसुलझा सा सवाल है यह ,
तो जब सवाल जी जायें इसके तो खुद ही जवाब है यह l

English Translation

Life what a mystery it is,

Not in tune with me since long back,

But still always alive in me it is.

Though Nights and nights spent in dark loneliness,

Yet days and days spent in festive sparks.

A mysterious unsolved question it is for sure,

Live the life questions undoubting it,

And then the mysterious questions are only the answers you were seeking for sure.


P.c. Google

If is just a wish

If is just a wish,



I wish,

If you had loved me the way I loved you,

If just you were less boy and more man,

If you had hold my hand and never let me go,

If you were just my story listener and I your’s ,

If you had been there for me, and never was I alone.

If you were my pillow and my pillow was not you.

But again if is just a wish.


मासूम सूफियाना मोहब्बत उसकी /her innocent divine love

पागल थी वो ,

कोई दीवानी थी वो,

आज नही है जब साथ मेरे ,

तब याद आ रही है वो,

कितनी बेशर्मी से रखी थी हर शर्त अपनी सामने उसके मैने ,

कितनी शिदत से मान ली थी हर शर्त मेरी उसने ,

कोई पागल थी वो,

कोई नादान थी वो,

एक दिन घंटो फूट के रोई भी थी बाहों में मेरे,

बेरुखी ने मेरी, थोड़ा था शायद उस दिन उसे ,

फिर भी आखिर में , मासूमियत से बोला था उसने,

माफ़ करना जो शर्ट गंधी की हो तुम्हारी , आंसुओं ने मेरे,

सच में पागल थी वो,

दीवानी थी वो ,

कोई मासूम थी वो l

English Translation

Crazy she was,

Mad she was,

Today when she is not here,

Her memories are here.

Remembering how without any thought I just keep putting my demands there,

How without any thought, she just always keep fulfilling them there,

Crazy she was,

Some innocent she was,

Remembering, how that day she had cried for hours on my shoulder,

Your rudeness had broken her for sure, said that day my shoulder.

Remembering yet at last, how with all innocence she said,

Forgive me, if my tears had spoiled your shirt dear.

For sure, Mad she was,

Crazy she was,

Innocent she was.



How is it possible ?

Just tell me how is it possible ?

I m so affected by you,

Your rudeness, your hatred,

Nothing took you from me.

Just tell me how is it possible !

You so unaffected by me,

My love, my care,

Nothing ever touched you.

I m thirsty, like the first day,

And you ! dry as always,

My pain, my suffering,

All in vain.

Your coldness, your crudeness,

All approved, all accepted.

Just tell me ! how it is possible ?

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Variant feelings, testimony of life.

You are felt ,

Some with shedding tears,

Some with broad smiles .

Bad or good you are there to make us feel alive.

No matter how dark you may be ,

No matter at all,

Only truth is that you are felt, is a testimony of life.

Wondering in all this,

All talked in their blues,

When encountered the dark side of you.

it makes them cold,

it makes them gone,

That is always what they grumble,

I wonder this ,

It’s life no less ,

Then why they fuss !

The shade of yours to whine,

To grumble, to talk,

Is the one never ever talked about,

One of your true dark shades.

One of it is there,

Felt deep, felt silently ,

far from whine.

Every feeling of it,

confirm the living is dying..

And that is oh Feeling,

Is one of your darkest shade,

It is that emptiness,

That tiredness,

That feeling, “feeling not to live”

Dearie give all your shades to all .

High, low, good, bad, happy, sad,

success, failure, love, hate,

acceptance, ignorance,

companionship, lonely,

shower your all shades on all.

Give all at least one reason to live,

to smile, to cry..

But never that shade,

Never that feeling,

Never that emptiness,

Never that tiredness…


P.c. – Google