मासूम सूफियाना मोहब्बत उसकी /her innocent divine love

पागल थी वो ,

कोई दीवानी थी वो,

आज नही है जब साथ मेरे ,

तब याद आ रही है वो,

कितनी बेशर्मी से रखी थी हर शर्त अपनी सामने उसके मैने ,

कितनी शिदत से मान ली थी हर शर्त मेरी उसने ,

कोई पागल थी वो,

कोई नादान थी वो,

एक दिन घंटो फूट के रोई भी थी बाहों में मेरे,

बेरुखी ने मेरी, थोड़ा था शायद उस दिन उसे ,

फिर भी आखिर में , मासूमियत से बोला था उसने,

माफ़ करना जो शर्ट गंधी की हो तुम्हारी , आंसुओं ने मेरे,

सच में पागल थी वो,

दीवानी थी वो ,

कोई मासूम थी वो l

English Translation

Crazy she was,

Mad she was,

Today when she is not here,

Her memories are here.

Remembering how without any thought I just keep putting my demands there,

How without any thought, she just always keep fulfilling them there,

Crazy she was,

Some innocent she was,

Remembering, how that day she had cried for hours on my shoulder,

Your rudeness had broken her for sure, said that day my shoulder.

Remembering yet at last, how with all innocence she said,

Forgive me, if my tears had spoiled your shirt dear.

For sure, Mad she was,

Crazy she was,

Innocent she was.



एक उलझन/ tangle thoughts

बस एक जिद्द थी उसकी, कुछ सुनहरी यादें बुनने की संग तेरे ,

पर हर लमहे पे अफ़सोस हो, कुछ ऐसी यादें दे दी तूने उसे ,

एक मासूम सा सवाल था उसका , बिछडते हुए कुछ युं फिर भी ,

” याद तो आऊंगी ना मै तुम्हे कभी” l

English translation

She just wanted to have memories to treasure, you gifted her time to regret.

Fool she was , yet asking silly question on depart.

“Will you miss me someday ?”

~ Sneha

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कैसे मानूं ये जुदाई तेरी मेरी/ how to believe


कैसे मान लूं दिल तुम्हारा कभी धड़का न होगा ,

कैसे मान लूं , यादें तड़पाती न होंगी कभी तुम्हे l

कैसे मान लूं जो हाल है मेरा यहाँ , वो हाल नही है तेरा वहाँ l

कैसे मान लूं , पल जो जीये मैने , संग मेरे वो जीये न होँगे तुमने ,

कैसे मान लूं जो ये रूठा है तू, अलविदा बोल चला है तू, निकला है दिल से ही तेरे l

कैसे मान लूं तू वो नही अब , जिस से मिली थी मै कभी,

कैसे मान लूं खुश है तू बिछड़ के मुझसे वहाँ , जब खुश नही मैं बिछड़ के तुझ से यहाँ l

English translation

how to believe
How to believe your heart never miss it’s beat like mine did,
How to believe you don’t get affected by memories like I do.
How to believe you are not at same place, where I am.
How to believe the moments I live , never existed for u.
How to believe your bye for ever, came from your heart only,
How to believe you are not the one I met before.
How to believe you are happy there , when I am not happy here.

~ sneha
P.C. Google

P.s. in context of a pain to be left alone all of sudden ..

खुद से मिली फिर से/ met myself again


आज कुछ लिखने का मन किया ,
आज   खुद  से  मिलने  का मन किया.

शायद  है  जेहन मे  अभी भी  तू मेरे ,
इसलिए यूं  खुद  से  मिलने  का मन, आज  फिर  किया.

शायद संग तेरे बिताए  लमहे ,
ही थे  वजूद  मेरा ,
इसलिए  याद   कर  उनहे, खुद को जीने का  मन,  आज  फिर किया .

                    English translation
Feel like writing something today,
Felt like meeting myself today.

May be you are still there in me,
That’s why felt like meeting myself once again today.

May be the time I spend with you,
Was proof of my existence only,
That’s why remembering them,
Felt like meeting myself once again today.

~ sneha
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Crazy and serene trip,Goa it was.


Riding in rain on roads of Goa, cool breeze playing with hairs and making your ride go more free.


Days and evening on beach, cool breeze again , giving you peace there, you going free on water and playing with it.



Serenity of surroundings you enjoying alone, just then some random guy approaching with a decent talk, making you feel more like a lady in this roller coaster trip.



Dancing like never before in night clubs, managing tali friends, seeing height of all craziness.


Any how sleeping at last, at 6 in morning for 3-4 hrs, that too only to give refreshing face for the coming day activities.

Enjoying hotel balcony with hot coffee, newspaper, rain and greenery around.


Then setting 15 minutes to get ready for crazy day activities,ending up in two hrs for the same, including photo session and starving stomach.



Then day starting again with same bizarre circle of activities giving memories for you to cherish whole life.

And yes, how can I forgot the beautiful churches and scenic beauty of Goa.



P.C. self
(P.S. just my experience of first crazy trip with my girls gang in Goa)

~ Sneha



“Agar unhey bhee  mohabaat  thodi si hum se hum jaisi hoti,

to zindagi ki dastaan aaj aur kuch hoti .

Na hum tadaptey apni tanhayi me,

na wo banjarey hotey in mohabaat ki raahon me,
do adhoorey poorey hotey,
bas unhey bhee agar thodi si mohabaat hum se hum jaisi hoti.


If he had felt for me the way I for him,
Than story of life would have been different,
Neither I would have been in a lonesome pain, neither he would be wandering for love in a nomad shoes ,
Two incomplete would be complete,
if only he had loved me the way I loved him ..


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Life wat u r

Scrolling at my blog today.. and at end needless to say I reach from where I started, Rebloging my first blog which I wrote three months back.. If this blog had facebook feature I would have surely written “reading my first blog, posted 3 months back. feeling nostalgic” 😉



Life wondering wat u r
a wretch ,  a providential
Sometime game of Popeye, sometime game of throne …
Mess of head, clear of heart
Smile of a kid, tear of a broken heart
Sometime magnetize , sometime repugnant …
Forgiving the weakness, forgetting  de pain,
Never stopping , never rethinking
Loathing de worst , relishing de best is all wat u r….

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Remembering one of my old poem and my crazy days


years back i wrote this when i first saw my favorite bike on road which was rare to see . That time i was crazy about Harley Davidson . This poem to be confessing was not only inspired by HD but also by my crush on someone . Reading lots of beautiful poems today inspired me to share it here.

“cursng the moment why my eyes got stuck on you while you were busy playing wid sunshine nd dust, you virile , you audacious….

wondering why you are such an eye candy for me ,, you dream of adventure , you dream of life…..

hating de way you stole my heart and now you playing with it ,, you playful, you dusty beauty….

knowing can’t owe you but always dreaming of you ,, you dream stalker , you zest of life….”


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