Small things not a diamond ring


She needs a walk in a moon light,

A calm night lying next to you,

fight on small things, like walk after food right or wrong.

Morning cuddle,

Pat on a cheek,

Small things is all she needs,

memories to cherish,

Moments to be lived.

Her world is in them,

All she need is a small thing,

not a diamond ring.

you give her that with your heart,

Correct her silly things,

fumbling words,

comfort her nervousness,

say her imperfection is what make her HER

And there she is, with a melted heart,

Love unbeatable like a Juliet,

Care like a mother,

silent prayers of a sister,

Beauty and power of all women in one,

not for a day, for a month but for always,

all of it for you and only you for always.

(P.S. most of the men wonder and talk about women, say they are complicated, hard to win, but truth is they are not. Wish this poem solve your puzzle regarding women, understanding them is not a rocket science, believe me.)
– Sneha

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Cutzpa/ Madness


Today while counselling one of a friend at a heart broken stage , many thoughts came to me on my observation on boys, girls and their relationships which I have seen till date. So today I am simply expressing my views on people who fall with wrong ones, their view after breakups, and what exactly it is. And yes the madness they were living while being in a relationship.

Cutzpa / madness yes it is in all of us, because of this many of us fall for ppl who are opposite to us, wonder why, i think it’s simple universal rule “opposite attracts” .

Because of this madness only, Good boys fall for wrong girls, tolerate their tantrums, unnecessary demands, keep paying their shopping bills also carry their bags (poor guys), yet they left heart broken, and they keep on saying girls are bitches, yes they are but not all, unfortunately you got one of them and on name of love you ignore all her flaws in spite of her having lots of them, and she when get a better option, start seeing only flaw of yours which were very less in you, because of her unstable nature, yet you were stick to her, this is what madness/cutzpa of yours was.

Same goes with girls, good girls fall for wrong boys, tolerate their attitude, their always being busy, their filthy talks, only interest of them in body, understand their needs on name of love (poor girls) yet they are left heart broken, then they keep on saying all men are dogs, yes they are but not all, same, unfortunately you got one of them and you ignore all his flaw adjust with him on name of love, but unfortunately he always saw flaw in you because of his unstable nature, yet you keep trying your best to hold him, were stick to him till last and this is what chutzpa/madness of yours was.

It’s not love, boy, or girl who are bad, it’s just you fallen for wrong. Wrote this because if someone reading my blog and is still in one of that mad love, than it might be a help to them to move on, though know they won’t, they will try till last, will give there all to hold it, will have their own experience then with time will overcome with it.
(I m Not a relationship expert, these are just my observation and view based on them)

~ Sneha

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Man with his erroneous and woman with her veracious power

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Ohh my Man, what a power u have !
To make her weep again and again ?
To poke her pain again and again ?
To make her cry in dark again and again ?
Never you have power to cheer her up..
Than from where you got that power to torment her up…
Just remember she is a woman with all the power behold..
she keeps taking the pain, till she believes in God in you…
she will stop taking the pain, the day she will see the evil in u…


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Human just like you all..

I mainly talk about woman and her feelings for that I am and experience life from her eye only. But I always believe to feel life more you should feel it by walking in everyone’s shoes once a while that’s the way life will be live more, feel more.. So today I thought I should try myself in man shoes a bit let’s see how right or how wrong I go there… Short poetry by female trying to think what man thinks.


” I am the man , assumed with all the power in my hand,, the master of perfection,, the saviour of all..

Why am I the God ?? Ever Tried to consider me as human,one full of errors like you all..Why I need to be a saviour?? May be I Am the one who need to be saved like you all..

Provider I assume to be always,, baggage with responsibilities,, Man to be always..

Why I can’t be a taker of perks , why my responsibilities can’t be share, why the boy within me can’t live..

Don’t make me God, I am just a human, don’t judge me for being weak, don’t baggage me with what I don’t want,, don’t kill the boy within me who just wan to keep running bare footed in a field..

I am a man with a boy inside me , human hungry for love and care like all, scared of darkness and violence like all, weak and frustrated in my lonely hours, full of emotions, vulnerable not lack of empathy just like you all…

Just a human like you all… ”

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Strong woman and her weakness


She is a beautiful lady, wonder woman, dealing with the world alone, strong like a hill, shattered in love , yet hadn’t cursed the faith she behold.

Moving ahead with wave of time, giving world the best she have, tired of life testing her, yet haven’t given up till now and refuses to compromise on what comes to her way , trashing all the road sides Romeo’s at side for she knows they are just another pain and not the comfort of love needed for her.

Moving ahead with head up high, giving damn to what the world keep saying, She is one of her own, doing always what she feel is right, even make her critics wonder how she survive.

But woman love is crazy when she meets the man of her dream she turn as a wet cat in a rain, making all errors in  what she says, make him think her as another dumb girl he passes by, Words she choose to speak start fumbling ,  sounding like a crazy kid.

The strength and confidence she owns all lost in air in seconds, leaving her as a crazy teenager cursing her fumbling, Lady of content become a  girl making her man think of her as weak, vulnerable and dependent one, thus letting him leave her in storm of world alone and getting busy in dreaming of his own strong independent woman he dream of loving every day.


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Females love butterflies, why ?


I love butterflies and always wonder why ? what’s in it which make females love this insect so much. Well my reason is i love it for the wings and colours it has . Bt again in my assumption only insect which is loved so much by females why ? what so special?

Do all females all over world are in same shell in some or other way that all fall in love with same creature. Like me do all aspire for their wings ,do all aspire to see different colours of world with their wish, see and spread all colours of life. For i strongly believe females are blessed with lots of beautiful life colours in them sadly they are ask to behold them , we all know females love for colours is it because of the same, the colours they behold within make them choose same to express themself in silent . Back to topic , Why butterflies only ? does beauty attract or beauty with wings ? If this creature would have been love of all men  answer would be simple beauty with wings 😉 for they fall for outer beauty and love to play game of  running behind things.  But females are different they never fall for something on it’s outer look and hate playing games and run after anything. Then what’s in this insect which connect all the ladies in falling for it ? Does what we all aspire for ourself and find that in that tiny creature make us all fall for it.. Strange…


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