Your truth is in your pain – Nida fazli


I admire Nida Fazli’s poem a lot, they speak so much in such a brief and Lucid way, must say one of the best poet and No one can give what his work has given to us.
Today while going through one of his book, I felt urge of sharing his work here with all art lovers, who admire and understand the soul of poetry, Sharing one of his poem randomly as it is hard to select one.

Your truth is in your pain,
lie it is written in all the books.

Meet one person please and you will meet all,
Today each one is same, each one is in mask.

You meet and all direction lost,
One road and many ways to travel it.

Count their failures too please,
Whose fame is their success.

Light was there in every limit of a question,
Yet all eyes were lost only for answer.

P.S. – third verse translation might be wrong as I myself was trying to understand the line in best possible way, so will appreciate if any reader could give their input here, or correct me if I did it wrong here or was not correct with Any other verses.
– Sneha