Variant feelings, testimony of life.

You are felt ,

Some with shedding tears,

Some with broad smiles .

Bad or good you are there to make us feel alive.

No matter how dark you may be ,

No matter at all,

Only truth is that you are felt, is a testimony of life.

Wondering in all this,

All talked in their blues,

When encountered the dark side of you.

it makes them cold,

it makes them gone,

That is always what they grumble,

I wonder this ,

It’s life no less ,

Then why they fuss !

The shade of yours to whine,

To grumble, to talk,

Is the one never ever talked about,

One of your true dark shades.

One of it is there,

Felt deep, felt silently ,

far from whine.

Every feeling of it,

confirm the living is dying..

And that is oh Feeling,

Is one of your darkest shade,

It is that emptiness,

That tiredness,

That feeling, “feeling not to live”

Dearie give all your shades to all .

High, low, good, bad, happy, sad,

success, failure, love, hate,

acceptance, ignorance,

companionship, lonely,

shower your all shades on all.

Give all at least one reason to live,

to smile, to cry..

But never that shade,

Never that feeling,

Never that emptiness,

Never that tiredness…


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Moon the shining white crystal in a dark sky,

The white purity of it,

Sending the positive vibes,

Asking to shine no matter how dark it is,

To spread your light in dark.

To stand still there,

When  even clouds come,

bringing all winds along,

to take you back,

To move you from your place.

The message rightly conveyed,

The message rightly received,

Be a Moon in your dark.

P.c. Google.

Zindagi berang Si nahe/ Life is never colourless


Zindagi itni berang si bhee to nahi,

Yaad  kar ke kuch muskuraney ko to hai,

Yaad  kar kuch aansu bahaney ko to hai.

Zindagi itni berang si bhee to nahi,

Lamhey kuch zindagi se bhare,

Hai yaadon ke pitaro Me tere,

Aaj Kahin nahi, to un  Palo me to, zindagi hai hee dost mere..

Zindagi itnee berang si bhee toh nahi,

Aaj nahe hai kuch tere paas maana,

kuch nahe to jee le, un zindagi se bhare  lamho ko hi tu aaj Zara.

Rakh yakeen mera, kal tera banayega koi haseen yaadein yuhn hee phir.

Zindagi berang si phir nahi hogi kabhi Zara.


Life is not colourless, my friend.
If someday you feel you have nothing,
Remember You have memories to cherish and smile,
You have memories to remember and shed a tear.

Life is not colourless, my friend.
You have some moments fill with life,
in your bucket of memories for sure,
if nothing.
If you feel nothing in your life today, then remember and feel those moments which were full of life once.

Life is not colourless, my friend.
If nothing, just live few old memories today,
And tomorrow you will get some  new memories to be made for sure,
And life won’t b colourless ever then for sure.

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Aaj main kal tum/today me, tomorrow you


Aaj Main yahan,
Kal tum yahan hoge,
Waqt kabhi ek sa kahan hoga…

Tanhai ke rudaad rang badlengey apney yahan,
Sathi koi hum sa bhee hoga, kahin wahan.

Tanahiyo Me apni kbhi dhoondne aaogey  humey,
Hongey kahan tab hum yahan..

chod tanhai kahin peechey apni,
nikal chukey hongey tab hum bhee kahin.

* rudaad – story

English translation

Today I m here,
Tomorrow you will be,
time remains same  always when ?

Stories of loneliness will change their colour some day,
Somewhere there will be someone like me too, he will come for sure some day.

In your loneliness you will come to search me,
But will I be always here for you?

Might be I have left my loneliness far behind, and have moved on in my world by that time.

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Your truth is in your pain – Nida fazli


I admire Nida Fazli’s poem a lot, they speak so much in such a brief and Lucid way, must say one of the best poet and No one can give what his work has given to us.
Today while going through one of his book, I felt urge of sharing his work here with all art lovers, who admire and understand the soul of poetry, Sharing one of his poem randomly as it is hard to select one.

Your truth is in your pain,
lie it is written in all the books.

Meet one person please and you will meet all,
Today each one is same, each one is in mask.

You meet and all direction lost,
One road and many ways to travel it.

Count their failures too please,
Whose fame is their success.

Light was there in every limit of a question,
Yet all eyes were lost only for answer.

P.S. – third verse translation might be wrong as I myself was trying to understand the line in best possible way, so will appreciate if any reader could give their input here, or correct me if I did it wrong here or was not correct with Any other verses.
– Sneha

Power of thoughts


Caught in the mist of thoughts,
Wondering where they will land.

In the ocean of depression,
Or In the sky of inspiration..

Will it Push me in something dark as a cave,
Or will it bring me in a light of a new dawn.

Will it take away what all I have,
Or will It present me what all hidden in me, I had.

Will it destroy me, with the power it holds,
Or will it make me with a blessing it beholds.

Here I am, Caught in the mist of thoughts.

( we ourself have power of creating or destroying ourselves )

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Ekh khayal /a thought


Aaj phir ek khayal aaya ,
Khud se roothey barso hue yeh yaad aaj aaya..

Roothna to tujhse tha,
par tu tha hi kab apna, jo rooth paatey tujhse hum..

Ek shayad sirf hum hee to apne the,  baki sab ko to gair paya.

Wafa kii har gair se humne,
par bewafayi khud se hi kar gaye.

Pathar ki duniya me insaan dhundney nikle the,
par khud hi patthar ban gaye.

Manaa lete hain yun toh har roothey hue ko hum,
Par khud ko manaye barso hue,
Yeh yaad humein aaj aaya..


Today a thought came by,
Making me think it’s been ages I met myself.

It should be you, whom I should be annoyed to never taking pain to meet,
But when you were mine ? that I could express my anger to you.

May be it was Me for myself only,  rest all were strangers.
Always I had been loyal to everyone,
but proved disloyal to myself only in being loyal to all.

In this cold hearted world was trying to search a human heart, but ironic got turned into cold hearted one myself.

Always I am able to make peace with all, but it’s been ages I had made peace with myself.
All thoughts came by today and made me wonder what enemy I had been to myself.


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Don’t ever think less of a love


Ohh my dear don’t ever think less of a love..

Ohh my dear don’t ever make fun of a love..

You! the one blind in a world around,

think it’s in all and it’s easy to get..

Have you ever wondered ?

Indeed love is in all,

But who have a heart to have love for you,

It’s not that easy to get , to and from the same you want to get…

You will get the love the way you give, no doubt..

But I wonder if u ever thought less of love,

Then will  you ever leave the love unquestioned,

I know u won’t, and I wonder how long then  it will last ..


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