तेवर/ Attitude

ले बदल  दिये मैने  तेवर  अपने ,

है अब मेरे  हर एक आँशु का कर्ज तुझ  पे ,

है तू कर्जदार अब मेरा ,

काबिल  नही  था  मैं  कभी तेरे , 

पास  बुला  के , बोल  ये  हर  बार  ठुकराया  तूने,

ले नाकाबिल करार किया तुझको मैंने ,

औकात  नही  तेरी, चुका  सके क़र्ज़  तू मेरा अब,

जा  बदल दिए तेवर मैने  अपने अब l


I am changed now, and so is my attitude,

You always asked for it so I am now, 

You are in debt to my each tear,

You called me everytime,

 raising my hopes, 

 Only to shatter them, saying I am inapt ,

Today I declare you inapt,

Now  unfit you are,

never ever can make yourself free from my indebtedness,

I am changed, and so is my attitude now.


P.c. Google.


एक उलझन/ tangle thoughts

बस  एक जिद्द  थी उसकी, कुछ सुनहरी यादें  बुनने  की  संग  तेरे ,

पर   हर लमहे पे अफ़सोस  हो,  कुछ  ऐसी  यादें दे दी तूने  उसे ,

एक मासूम सा सवाल था उसका , बिछडते हुए कुछ युं फिर भी ,

” याद  तो  आऊंगी  ना मै तुम्हे कभी” l

                   English translation

She just wanted to have memories to treasure, you gifted her time to regret.

Fool she was , yet asking silly question on depart.

“Will you miss me someday ?”

~ Sneha

P.C Google.

उसकी कहानी / her story


कहानी  बस  तेरी  और  उसकी  इतनी  ही  है ,

तू  कुछ  आबाद  ज़्यादा  है , संग  उसको तू  खुद  के , इसलिए पाया  है l

वो  कुछ  बर्बाद ज्यादा  है , संग  इसलिए तुझको  खुद  के उसने  पाया है  l

जो होती मोहब्बत  उसे खुद से थोड़ी ,

तो  तू  युं मोहब्बत  कि बारिश  मे  उसकी नहाया  न  होता l

~कहानी कुछ उसकी थोडी उसकी ही जुबानी अब~

कहानी  बस  तेरी मेरी  इतनी
मै बर्बाद कुछ ज्यादा, तू आबाद कुछ  ज्यादा,
मै  बर्बाद तेरी  बेरुखी  से,  तू आबाद मेरी मोहब्बत से l

             English translation
Your and her story is this much only
You are blessed and lucky one that’s why you got her with you,

she is unlucky, cursed one  that’s why got you around her,

If she had loved herself a bit more, than loved had not showered on you this way .

~The same story a little by her~

I am ruined a bit, you are blessed a bit,
I am ruined by your rudness, you are blessed by my love.

P.c. Google

कैसे मानूं ये जुदाई तेरी मेरी/ how to believe


कैसे मान  लूं दिल तुम्हारा  कभी धड़का   न  होगा ,

कैसे मान लूं , यादें तड़पाती न होंगी  कभी तुम्हे l

कैसे मान  लूं जो  हाल  है मेरा यहाँ , वो  हाल  नही  है  तेरा  वहाँ l

कैसे मान लूं , पल जो  जीये   मैने , संग मेरे  वो  जीये  न होँगे  तुमने ,

कैसे मान  लूं  जो ये रूठा है  तू, अलविदा  बोल  चला  है  तू, निकला  है दिल  से ही तेरे l

कैसे मान लूं  तू  वो  नही  अब , जिस  से  मिली थी  मै  कभी,

कैसे मान  लूं  खुश है तू  बिछड़  के मुझसे वहाँ , जब  खुश  नही  मैं  बिछड़ के  तुझ  से  यहाँ l

                  English translation

                     how to believe
How to believe your heart never miss it’s beat like mine did,
How to believe you don’t get affected by memories like I do.
How to believe you are not at same place, where I am.
How to  believe the moments I live , never existed for u.
How to  believe your bye for ever, came from your heart only,
How to believe you are not the one I met before.
How to believe you are happy there , when I am not happy here.

~ sneha
P.C. Google

कोई नयी बात / something new from today


आज  ज़रा कोई नयी  बात हो जाये ,
नफ़रत उसे  थोड़ी, उस से  हो  जाये ,
मोहब्बत  थोड़ी उसे  खुद  से  हो  जाये  फिर l

यूँ जो खुद  के बनाये  ग़मो  के साये  मे  बैठा  है  वो ,
क्या पायेगा  वो यहाँ ?
खोकर खुद को, वो नादान, मिट जायेगा बस यहाँ l

जिद है, संभल  जा  तू, तो  अच्छा,
मोहब्बत कर  ले खुद से तू, तो  अच्छा ,
नही तो  फिर  फ़ना बेवजह यूँ हीं हो  जायेगा तू l


Wish something new to happen today,
May  a bit hatred  in your heart come for him today,
Than may be you start loving yourself bit again from today.

The way you sitting lost in world of pain of yours,
What you will ever get here ?
You will be lost in this, and my innocent friend you will be destroyed here only.

It’s your obsession, kill it , good it will be,
start loving yourself , good it will be,
Otherwise without any reason you will be demolished for ever .

P.C.- Google


Blind love


He started kissing her,
Her heart cried,
She finally said  u don’t love me and u do this, I am here, because I love you, but why you ?
His cold heart spoke the answer “because I am a man ”
And my poor lady, fool she is no doubt, loving a man like him blindly, for whom she is no one, the one who even don’t deserve her love, yet she surrender herself again to him, in hope of winning his heart one day.

~ sneha
P.c. google



You came and you went,
Happy in your place,
Liar you are, just like me.

Your soft touch, your smile,
Peeking in my mind,
All your memories day and night.

Life dreaming for you,
complete it will be with you,
Fantasy of mine it is, what to do ?

Love for you,
care for you,
Things to talk to you,
things to share with you,
But you are here, when ?
Simply You came, and you went.

Thinking of you,
Dreaming of you,
Craving for you,
Dying for you,
From here where to go,
is the mess I am living now,
Liar, both we are,
left alone both we are.

P.C. Google

~ sneha

Some love story it was


Here he comes, unannounced,
All of sudden, Making her heart skip a beat.

she has no idea what to do,
Yet anyhow she went for him,
Managed with the things she never thought of before.

She went for him and only him,
but he hadn’t come only for her.
Soft hearted she was,
cold hearted he was.

She is clear in her heart,
he is mess up in his mind.
Silly was she, mature was he,
crazy was she, practical was he.
Her Love it was, what else to say.
Less risk taker he was, what else to say.

She saw his good first,
He saw her bad first.
Little imperfect she was,
Little perfect he was.

They met, with all the opposites in them.
Nothing common in them.
Good time it was,
bad time it was,
Serene moment it was,
Messed up moment it was.

Outlooks were different,
But moment shared were same.
Feelings were different,
But moment seized in them were same.

Messed up story it was,
Yet some love story it was.

~ Sneha

p.c. google

Mohabbat / Love


Mohabbat kya hai jaanna hai agar, to kisi jalti hui shama se poocho,

Jalatey khudko kisi ke intezar me aisey parvaney se poocho.

Mohabbat kya hai jaanna hai agar, to kisi deewaney poojari se poocho,

Poojta ho mann devta kisiko apna raat din, aisey parwaney se poocho.

Mohabbat kya hai Jaanna hai agar, to kisi ki sharmili muskaan se poocho,

Naam pe kisi ke, aa jaye chehre pe muskan jiskey, us parwaney se poocho.

Mohabbat kya hai Jaanna hai agar, to dua mein uthey haatho se poocho,

Maangey dua har pal kisi ke liye us parwaney se poocho.


If you want to know what love is ask the fire,

Ask that crazy fellow who is burning himself in wait for someone.

If you want to know what love is ask the saint,

Ask the crazy fellow who worship someone day and night like God.

If you want to know what love is ask the blushing smile,

Ask that crazy fellow whose face starts glowing with smile on mere name of someone.

If you want to know what love is ask the hands which are raised for prayers,

Ask the crazy fellow who pray for wellbeing of someone every moment.

Ask them and you will know what love is,
Live their craziness once and you will know what love is.
– Sneha


Small things not a diamond ring


She needs a walk in a moon light,

A calm night lying next to you,

fight on small things, like walk after food right or wrong.

Morning cuddle,

Pat on a cheek,

Small things is all she needs,

memories to cherish,

Moments to be lived.

Her world is in them,

All she need is a small thing,

not a diamond ring.

you give her that with your heart,

Correct her silly things,

fumbling words,

comfort her nervousness,

say her imperfection is what make her HER

And there she is, with a melted heart,

Love unbeatable like a Juliet,

Care like a mother,

silent prayers of a sister,

Beauty and power of all women in one,

not for a day, for a month but for always,

all of it for you and only you for always.

(P.S. most of the men wonder and talk about women, say they are complicated, hard to win, but truth is they are not. Wish this poem solve your puzzle regarding women, understanding them is not a rocket science, believe me.)
– Sneha

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