Losing the wrong, grabbing the right


Love , positivity all there around you,
Beauty , serenity all there around you.

But ohh my man, trapped in an uncertainty,
How will you grab them in your dubiety?

Hate, negativity, what all you had seen,
Ugly scar, turmoil, what all you had to been.

Trapped in them,
how will you grab the new?
Gone is what is gone,
left is what is you.
But Living in a fear,
how will you ever live ‘ you’ ?

Static is a dead beat,
Living that is sure not your deed,
Live the change,
Be alive,
That is what is your feat.

P.C. google



You came and you went,
Happy in your place,
Liar you are, just like me.

Your soft touch, your smile,
Peeking in my mind,
All your memories day and night.

Life dreaming for you,
complete it will be with you,
Fantasy of mine it is, what to do ?

Love for you,
care for you,
Things to talk to you,
things to share with you,
But you are here, when ?
Simply You came, and you went.

Thinking of you,
Dreaming of you,
Craving for you,
Dying for you,
From here where to go,
is the mess I am living now,
Liar, both we are,
left alone both we are.

P.C. Google

~ sneha

Crazy and serene trip,Goa it was.


Riding in rain on roads of Goa, cool breeze playing with hairs and making your ride go more free.


Days and evening on beach, cool breeze again , giving you peace there, you going free on water and playing with it.



Serenity of surroundings you enjoying alone, just then some random guy approaching with a decent talk, making you feel more like a lady in this roller coaster trip.



Dancing like never before in night clubs, managing tali friends, seeing height of all craziness.


Any how sleeping at last, at 6 in morning for 3-4 hrs, that too only to give refreshing face for the coming day activities.

Enjoying hotel balcony with hot coffee, newspaper, rain and greenery around.


Then setting 15 minutes to get ready for crazy day activities,ending up in two hrs for the same, including photo session and starving stomach.



Then day starting again with same bizarre circle of activities giving memories for you to cherish whole life.

And yes, how can I forgot the beautiful churches and scenic beauty of Goa.



P.C. self
(P.S. just my experience of first crazy trip with my girls gang in Goa)

~ Sneha

Some love story it was


Here he comes, unannounced,
All of sudden, Making her heart skip a beat.

she has no idea what to do,
Yet anyhow she went for him,
Managed with the things she never thought of before.

She went for him and only him,
but he hadn’t come only for her.
Soft hearted she was,
cold hearted he was.

She is clear in her heart,
he is mess up in his mind.
Silly was she, mature was he,
crazy was she, practical was he.
Her Love it was, what else to say.
Less risk taker he was, what else to say.

She saw his good first,
He saw her bad first.
Little imperfect she was,
Little perfect he was.

They met, with all the opposites in them.
Nothing common in them.
Good time it was,
bad time it was,
Serene moment it was,
Messed up moment it was.

Outlooks were different,
But moment shared were same.
Feelings were different,
But moment seized in them were same.

Messed up story it was,
Yet some love story it was.

~ Sneha

p.c. google