Her power


She has a power to dream,
Dream the dreams to live the dream, she always dream of.

She has a power to live,
Live the vulnerability, she always scared of,
live the pain she never wanted to be encountered of.

She has a power to walk away,
Walk away from the exploitation of her love, her care, her assets, her dream, her emotions.

She has a power to live herself,
live new dreams, feel new hope,
Walk new road, be herself the way she is.

P.c. google.


Zindagi berang Si nahe/ Life is never colourless


Zindagi itni berang si bhee to nahi,

Yaad  kar ke kuch muskuraney ko to hai,

Yaad  kar kuch aansu bahaney ko to hai.

Zindagi itni berang si bhee to nahi,

Lamhey kuch zindagi se bhare,

Hai yaadon ke pitaro Me tere,

Aaj Kahin nahi, to un  Palo me to, zindagi hai hee dost mere..

Zindagi itnee berang si bhee toh nahi,

Aaj nahe hai kuch tere paas maana,

kuch nahe to jee le, un zindagi se bhare  lamho ko hi tu aaj Zara.

Rakh yakeen mera, kal tera banayega koi haseen yaadein yuhn hee phir.

Zindagi berang si phir nahi hogi kabhi Zara.


Life is not colourless, my friend.
If someday you feel you have nothing,
Remember You have memories to cherish and smile,
You have memories to remember and shed a tear.

Life is not colourless, my friend.
You have some moments fill with life,
in your bucket of memories for sure,
if nothing.
If you feel nothing in your life today, then remember and feel those moments which were full of life once.

Life is not colourless, my friend.
If nothing, just live few old memories today,
And tomorrow you will get some  new memories to be made for sure,
And life won’t b colourless ever then for sure.

P.c. google

Blind love


He started kissing her,
Her heart cried,
She finally said  u don’t love me and u do this, I am here, because I love you, but why you ?
His cold heart spoke the answer “because I am a man ”
And my poor lady, fool she is no doubt, loving a man like him blindly, for whom she is no one, the one who even don’t deserve her love, yet she surrender herself again to him, in hope of winning his heart one day.

~ sneha
P.c. google

Empty bench


This empty bench,
Yes this empty bench,
Speaks our void inside us,
The struggle of our thoughts,
Our emotions being our foe,
Our brain webbing all, trapping all,
Stopping our heart to live all ,
dying to be express,
Waiting to be listen,
Struggling to breathe,
the void inside us,
Scared to be seen vulnerable,
hiding self behind a mask.

The empty bench speak all
Speak the struggle,
Speak the void,
desires of making of memories,
Desire of reliving the memory.
Empty bench says all.
P.C. self

Journey via heaven and hell- Part 3                      


To cut time sitting on these rocks, kill our fear, keep the hope alive was our new struggle now.The sounds of wild birds and animals, darkness all around, fear of snakes, lost in midst of jungle made us feel like spending the whole night was an herculean task. We both decided to live these moments to the fullest like this is the last day of our life. This gave us the confidence to break our enemy i.e fear. Slowly our tensions faded away. We started to observe good things of the nature – the open sky, twinkling stars above and the cool breeze flowing around. We started talking on various topics to spend time. We even talked about life after death. We played dumb charades, antakshari, word games etc. We both got more close to each other and understood each other more deeply. We both were equally hungry but nothing to eat or drink.That day I understood that even I can fast.
The climate was too cold, we were shivering without blankets. The scenario was reminding us of some movies. Each others support and company made all the odds bearable, but not for long, after a while cloud rose eating all the stars in the sky finally evaporating into rain. God is testing our patience so badly indeed, but luckily I had an umbrella in my bag. Since water was flowing around the rocks ,we had to stand up for hours now beneath the umbrella. She started singing songs to keep the mood alive and make me more active. I too joined her in that flow. With God’s grace ,rain stopped after few hours. We again sat on the rocks conversing with each other. The climate was more cooler than before and it was so chilling for us. I don’t remember when I slept but was woke up by her calling me pointing towards the sun which gave us a ray of hope.


We started our journey downwards. We were not getting the right paths which can lead us to a safe destination. We went through one route after the other searching the way but everything was in vain. Suddenly torch lighted in my brains and i thought what if we follow the water flowing through the forest . We started following it. The route in which water was flowing was a tough one because it was full of boulders, pits, tree branches and water streams. My hand got wounded because of the thorny plants. She fell many a time in the pit and hurt herself on the leg. Our bad luck, rain started pouring again all the way.

We didn’t care of anything nor we were afraid of the snakes which might have been there in that streams of water. After an hour and half of journey, we finally reached a place where we could see the broad daylight. The houses nearby boosted our confidence level. Our happiness at that moment cant be expressed in words. We were totally wet by rain water and our dress messy with muds and bits of branches and leaves on us.A villager stopped by and asked about us. We told the whole story. He told us that the forest had tigers and cobras and it was lucky that we survived the night. He took us to his home, gave
us food and clothes. As my pant was muddy and torn, he gave me his pants to wear. He even called us an auto to reach the town. These are the persons with golden heart which make us believe that humanity still exist. We thanked him and bid a farewell. We went along with his daughter and son in an auto to reach nearest town. It was a journey never to be forgotten in our lives. It was a journey via Heaven and hell.


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P.S. This story is written by my friend and me on his real life experience.
P.C. Self.

Journey via heaven and hell- Part 2                    

The top of rock was few feet above from bottom. So we decided to climb it up. In moment of living that serenity, we lost the track of time. The curvy path leading to the top is a different and difficult one and not as we thought initially. It was slippery and we fell couple of times.


The twilight started emerging, Sun started giving warning call. Yet we decided to fullfill our aim to reach the top. After a couple of time and with all our efforts, we finally reached top and it was like an eureka moment for us. We were so happy like we were on the top of the world. She pointed out to a building saying that it was her college. We could see whole of that place from the top. But little we knew was that  darkness was emerging sooner and faster. That very moment, we decided to go back. But we lost the way coz of darkness. We called out loudly so that villagers or someone might hear our sound and come for our help. We tried to find out human footprints so that we can follow the path.


But everything went in vain. We were searching all the alternate possible routes to go down, But most of the routes made us go further up. Lost in these forest in these darkness felt like deadly for sure. Now, seriously this place has become an hell. Suddenly some voice shook us up.

We felt like something is approaching us. She said some wild animal is coming towards us. We were definitely afraid of snakes as we were moving through grass bushes. We started moving forward with all our energy and vigour. We struggled till darkness spread its wings and we were left with only two options


–one is to still continue the mission downwards which was surely a gate pass to death in that dense and dark forest, and second is to move to a safer and open place to pass the night unharmed staying steady at a place.
We lost all our energy in the struggle to get downwards and we got fully exhausted. We were hearing whole lot of noises from all around. Everything put together, we decided to stick to the second plan with no other options left. We started moving forward using mobile flash. But in the mid, our only connection to the external world i.e. my mobile got switched off. We went upwards to finally reach a flat rock to sit and rest.
To be continued…



P.S. This story is written by my friend and me on his real life experience.
P.C. Self.

Journey via heaven and hell- Part 1

Two young bloods we were, both from different place, culture, caste, education, speaking different languages but we were united by one thing i.e LOVE

One fine day I  had some sudden
work near to her college. I finished my work mid afternoon and was calling her over phone. Her phone was out of network area. How can I forget, the place was still virgin of mobile towers, She had said me once,her hostel mates used to climb windows to get network. After trying for one hour,at last,the call got connected. I and her made a plan to meet at the nearest restaurant. Both of us finished our tea and snacks.So I was thinking,what next.Suddenly I remembered a place nearby I read about and  told her about that place called Konaje kallu . It is around 8km from her college. We decided to go there and reached the place at 4 pm. We could see 3 huge rocks on the top of a hill. As we both were adventurous, we decided to reach the top of the rock on the hills.


It seemed like the route to the cliff was not so easy as we thought. We were wondering which route to take. Our target was to reach top and back by 7 pm. The path was kind of sloppy curves and it was wet, like it rained here afternoon. The route was in midst of dense rain forest. We could hear chirping sounds of birds, sounds of insects and some unrecognised sounds. It might be of snakes or other animals. We even spotted some unrecognised creatures. But we subdued all our fears to reach our destination. From those slippery hills,dense forest and with all struggle, we reached the bottom of the rock .The bottom of the rock had a cave temple of lord Shiva. We prayed and sat there for sometime.



The scene was serene with full of greenery, fog all around and breeze of cool air which made us feel like it was heaven up there.
We could call it the nature untouched.

To be continued…



P.S. This story is written by my friend and me on his real life experience.
P.C. Self.

Losing the wrong, grabbing the right


Love , positivity all there around you,
Beauty , serenity all there around you.

But ohh my man, trapped in an uncertainty,
How will you grab them in your dubiety?

Hate, negativity, what all you had seen,
Ugly scar, turmoil, what all you had to been.

Trapped in them,
how will you grab the new?
Gone is what is gone,
left is what is you.
But Living in a fear,
how will you ever live ‘ you’ ?

Static is a dead beat,
Living that is sure not your deed,
Live the change,
Be alive,
That is what is your feat.

P.C. google