You are ruined not me


Note~ on recent Bangalore molestation incidence

Freely walking on road,

Happy I am in my world,

But you the Mr. Judgmental out there,

Can’t see me, dancing on tunes of surroundings here,

Just living myself,

You can’t bear my happiness,

So envious you are of my sanity,

You try to harm me, for you can’t bear me, being what I am.

You enforce your insanity on me.

Thinking it will harm me,

I would be beaten down,

Left with all my dignity stolen by you.


Yes I do feel insulted, but then,

I smile on your character,

worst which is than an animal,

your thinking of being superior,

where your hideous act just made you inferior of all.

Reflects your weak morale,

Shows your failure,

Failure of becoming someone hero ever.

In your trying to molest me I fight back,

I punch you,

I may win over you or lose,

for unprepared I am.

And you coming to attack well planed for sure,

You may win, but what you ever won ? I wonder that,

I may loose, plus did ever I lose anything ? I wonder to that.

For I will always stand with a pride,

Head up high with dignity,

For I fought back the beast like you.

But you loose your all,

Of all living beings, inferior you proved.

Not able to gain respect from a single woman,

Your manhood is now in a trash.

Even, never ever you will be hero to your daughter.

Your existence is wrecked by you only that day.

Never it was me.


P.C. google

Her power


She has a power to dream,
Dream the dreams to live the dream, she always dream of.

She has a power to live,
Live the vulnerability, she always scared of,
live the pain she never wanted to be encountered of.

She has a power to walk away,
Walk away from the exploitation of her love, her care, her assets, her dream, her emotions.

She has a power to live herself,
live new dreams, feel new hope,
Walk new road, be herself the way she is.

P.c. google.



Fool like always, searching for the love around.

Taken for granted, yet  giving her all to the one always.

Dieing inside, smiling outside is her trait.

Weak she looks, tired she is, but standing strong  is what she is always.

Wish someone heal her pain, wish someone hold her hand.

Alone she lives,  but in company she will be alive for sure.

Strange is the world around, yet blending in is what you called “she” for sure.


p.c. google

She wants to hate him


Life was lived in those happy days before good bye was said..moments full of joy and love was lived once, before departing was decided .. Easy for a man to walk away as love is a gambling game for him always..
Woman left in her solitude wishing to hate the one from whom the tears were caused , her heart was broken, her soul was shattered, the love she showered was judged, pain was her ultimate company given in turn of pure love she showered once.
Woman heart full of love unknown to world of hatred, no matter how hard she try to hate the man who left her on her own she end up forgiving the one,understanding the boyish nature of man who loved her once.
Whenever memory haunts, whenever tears flow, whenever her heart start cursing him, she remember how love was shown how beautiful she felt, what fairy world she lived and she end up thanking the one she wanted to hate for giving  her tour to  that life once.
Woman heart giver, forgiver, full of care, ocean of love, fail to hate once again like always…


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