Empty bench


This empty bench,
Yes this empty bench,
Speaks our void inside us,
The struggle of our thoughts,
Our emotions being our foe,
Our brain webbing all, trapping all,
Stopping our heart to live all ,
dying to be express,
Waiting to be listen,
Struggling to breathe,
the void inside us,
Scared to be seen vulnerable,
hiding self behind a mask.

The empty bench speak all
Speak the struggle,
Speak the void,
desires of making of memories,
Desire of reliving the memory.
Empty bench says all.
P.C. self

Crazy and serene trip,Goa it was.


Riding in rain on roads of Goa, cool breeze playing with hairs and making your ride go more free.


Days and evening on beach, cool breeze again , giving you peace there, you going free on water and playing with it.



Serenity of surroundings you enjoying alone, just then some random guy approaching with a decent talk, making you feel more like a lady in this roller coaster trip.



Dancing like never before in night clubs, managing tali friends, seeing height of all craziness.


Any how sleeping at last, at 6 in morning for 3-4 hrs, that too only to give refreshing face for the coming day activities.

Enjoying hotel balcony with hot coffee, newspaper, rain and greenery around.


Then setting 15 minutes to get ready for crazy day activities,ending up in two hrs for the same, including photo session and starving stomach.



Then day starting again with same bizarre circle of activities giving memories for you to cherish whole life.

And yes, how can I forgot the beautiful churches and scenic beauty of Goa.



P.C. self
(P.S. just my experience of first crazy trip with my girls gang in Goa)

~ Sneha