Yummy Dainty Paneer Tikka

Here comes our yummy, dainty, healthy Mr. paneer tikka,

Making us work for hours, not easy going , I must say.

Testing our patience like our mom.

Hung the curd whole night for him,

Chop the beautiful, colorful, magnificent veggies,

Then cruelly cut that white beautiful log of cheese in pieces,

Now to make it yum ,mix that hung curd with ginger, garlic paste and spices.

Just then next order raise his head,

Marinate all these white cheese and colorful veg with that yellow sticky paste,


It’s bit yuck, but what else I can do, Mr. tikka and my taste bud made me do that.

But here, where it’s going to end, Mr.tantrum I must say.

Again It’s his time to check our patience,

Now it will make us refrigerate the marinated stuff for hours again,

And after hours of wait, again still tiny miny work left,

Give touch of healthy saute for sophisticated health freak, and make me more tempted, says our Mr. tikka.

Then one last test of our patience more, as if tested yet less!

But this time it will reward us for sure,

Will make itself grill with our help for next 10-15 mins, and then all the tantrums of Mr. tikka gone and it’s ready to serve it’s best.

paneer tikka

P.S. For all those who love rhyming and cooking, can also check this poem


which i wrote months back .

while writing new one was remembering my this old poem a lot.

(rhyming is not perfect, but hope it served the purpose here)


p.c. self

My cake let me bake you today..

Hey my cake !

let me bake you today

Allow me to live the baking ,

and give you life today..


Let me bring the flour and butter for your soul ..

And Allow me too to go ,

And bring the  baking powder and soda for you,

So you may become more fluffy and soft today…

It’s your day you say egg or milk,

With whatever you want to go ..

choose a flavour too for your taste,

chocolate or vanilla whatever goes  with your mood today….

And here Just a small gift from me to you,

cheery cubes to bring smile to you..

let me do bit battling for you now,

and make my hand work bit for you..

And here comes your turn,

you go and live a heat in that oven, a bit for me today..

And here it goes,

spreading your smell in my neighbors nostrils,

inviting them for dinning at my place today..


Hey Thank you my cake,

for allowing me to make you alive and live a baking today..

( a short funny poem for all those who love rhyming and baking)


P.C. Self

Insomniac night


Tick tick tock..it’s 10 P.M. and with nothing to do much it’s time for me to fall to sleep…

Tick tick tock ..just saw the watch it’s 12:00 A.M. and I am lying still with eye open, I curse my mind for all random thoughts playing football, kicking my mind hard not to fall to sleep..

Tick tick tock..it’s 2:00 A.M. , cursing all for my insomniac night , I started counting sheep..sheep 1 ,sheep 2 ,sheep 3 ,sheep 4, 0hh after 4 days I have to go to pick my dress, and on a way is a friend home, should I pass it or stop to say hi..tick tick tock and the train of  silly thoughts started again giving me hard time not to fall to sleep ..

Tick tick tock and it ‘s 3:30 A.M. , the last time I remember I check my watch after taking infinity rounds of emptying bladder and drinking water session poked by my silly insomniac night, resisting all the will not to take alprax, I fail to remember, at last finally when I fall to sleep…
( just a funny poem written in those insomniac hrs )


p.c. google

Heart and mind


I wonder who are the people whose heart and mind don’t fight I reckon just like a blissful house with no fights…
I , victim of conflicts of my heart and mind,,  reckon they are just over pampered kids of mine..
My mind is full of complaints of my favouring little heart a lot, and little heart complaining my listening to big mind a lot,, I think for a while and wonder, do I ?
No matter how much they fight , no matter whom I favour ,  no matter whom I listen to,  for at last It proved like always I am just a newbie whom life is busy shaping up, and time was winner like always nor mind ,nor heart nor me..


p.c. google

Beep Beep Boop and let see what the world beholds


Beep Beep Boop and here goes the expressing wings,

Write and tell us what your eyes see, what your mind observe and what your heart feels.

Tell us what you behold inside, tell us what you oberve from outside.

Beep Beep Boop and here goes the expressing wings,

Come in our world and see it from our eyes, take us to your world and give us tour from your side.

Take a picture, write a poetry, essay or a short story or give it a start and write a haiku and make us live your world the way you want.

Beep Beep Boop and here goes the expressing wings…


p.c. google