Blind love


He started kissing her,
Her heart cried,
She finally said  u don’t love me and u do this, I am here, because I love you, but why you ?
His cold heart spoke the answer “because I am a man ”
And my poor lady, fool she is no doubt, loving a man like him blindly, for whom she is no one, the one who even don’t deserve her love, yet she surrender herself again to him, in hope of winning his heart one day.

~ sneha
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Some love story it was


Here he comes, unannounced,
All of sudden, Making her heart skip a beat.

she has no idea what to do,
Yet anyhow she went for him,
Managed with the things she never thought of before.

She went for him and only him,
but he hadn’t come only for her.
Soft hearted she was,
cold hearted he was.

She is clear in her heart,
he is mess up in his mind.
Silly was she, mature was he,
crazy was she, practical was he.
Her Love it was, what else to say.
Less risk taker he was, what else to say.

She saw his good first,
He saw her bad first.
Little imperfect she was,
Little perfect he was.

They met, with all the opposites in them.
Nothing common in them.
Good time it was,
bad time it was,
Serene moment it was,
Messed up moment it was.

Outlooks were different,
But moment shared were same.
Feelings were different,
But moment seized in them were same.

Messed up story it was,
Yet some love story it was.

~ Sneha

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Incomplete love


She love him a lot  without any condition, without any reason, find her peace in him, herself amused why on earth it is so.

He love her too, her simplicity, her innocency, all make him think, how in today’s world any one can be this way, and why on earth he will fall for a person with it, confuse he is .

Therefore whenever things start between them, he throw her back, thinking how can she love him, how can he love her, he is not good for her, She is not like what he wanted, what reason on earth they have for this love.

She wants to be together, would do anything in her hand for it, but also move back, thinking he does not want it, she initiated, made all her efforts, but now her feminine ego speak, don’t push let him come if he too want his peace in you.

Hence their story left incomplete, leaving both empty within.

Moral- never doubt a love, if there’s a reason to love it’s not love. Never let any ego come if it’s love nothing matters in between.


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Nothing last..


She was lonely but yet content ,no complaints, just made peace with what she had…

No one was with her but yet she was happy with small stuffs of world… returning smile to little kids roaming around, feeling beauty of  blossoming of a flowers around, relishing aroma of dry mud when meet drops of water out of blue…

Her life was not that bad it was content with what she have, she was happy in her solitude…

But what is in this world which last forever…One pleasant day her door was knocked with all the happiness , she was not hoping for to come by any day, but for how long? she doesn’t want to guess, just don’t want to think of losing her fairy world, fantasy world no wonder what a magic it holds..

It was beautiful, everything seems to fall in line, all world seems to be smiling at her and she back to them, her world was full of love, care and concern which she never thought would be for her, not lonely any long but content like always, though was swinging in swing of emotions now..

But what is in this world which last forever.. The happiness which knocked her door kissed her goodbye soon, was not knowing life of loneliness is so long and love so short, never ever she thought it will  last only like a fling…

Loneliness came along once again but it took all her being content she felt once with whatever she have,emptiness was now there, solitude was like killing, what little she had is all lost now, feeling tired, lacking empathy, lost in dark..

Emptiness took the smile she returns, no essence of life was existing for her now, no hope was better when it was content, but she don’t know how to live now, wondering hoping for better to come when none may never come or accepting few like her are meant to be alone always …

Forgetting the power of time beholden, lost in dark, wondering where she lies,
Forgot there is nothing in this world which last forever..


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Strong woman and her weakness


She is a beautiful lady, wonder woman, dealing with the world alone, strong like a hill, shattered in love , yet hadn’t cursed the faith she behold.

Moving ahead with wave of time, giving world the best she have, tired of life testing her, yet haven’t given up till now and refuses to compromise on what comes to her way , trashing all the road sides Romeo’s at side for she knows they are just another pain and not the comfort of love needed for her.

Moving ahead with head up high, giving damn to what the world keep saying, She is one of her own, doing always what she feel is right, even make her critics wonder how she survive.

But woman love is crazy when she meets the man of her dream she turn as a wet cat in a rain, making all errors in  what she says, make him think her as another dumb girl he passes by, Words she choose to speak start fumbling ,  sounding like a crazy kid.

The strength and confidence she owns all lost in air in seconds, leaving her as a crazy teenager cursing her fumbling, Lady of content become a  girl making her man think of her as weak, vulnerable and dependent one, thus letting him leave her in storm of world alone and getting busy in dreaming of his own strong independent woman he dream of loving every day.


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120 seconds of different life I felt at traffic signal

Empty roads , greenery around ,cool winds blowing playing with my hairs making me tickle Riding back to home at speed of 80. And Here comes the Traffic roads causing me to leave all the fun of driving behind and thus came red light making me halt here for  120 seconds.
Here it’s the time where something strike you out of blue but today no random thoughts, not remembering some forgotten work , but is a sad reality of life which strike me here , at red light what I saw is a life enough to shattered me, poverty to make me sadden enough..
Two kids aging around 5 -6 one dressed and had make up of a monkey another with a stick and a tiny drum , performing a small art of monkey dance and collecting money on this signal. I wonder is this the childhood they have ? Is this the only game they are made to play ? Is’nt it their age to enjoy the dramas, to understand and relish what entertainment is all about, how can  these little kids are left to earn their living? art of begging involving the kids, read about it number of times but never imagined it exist in my weirdest dream, I thought it’s wrong but then i saw traffic police sideling them to corner stopping them from disturbing us.
I wanted to do something for them but right now not in position to do any. But gladly I got candies in my purse , I bend down to pick my purse from floor of my scooter where it’s resting, but I forgot I am @ red light and here this 120 seconds got over in my thinking about the scenario around, green light blink, and time which i always curse for lasting so long i curse it for slipping so fast. Vehicles start honking giving me no time to take out candies for those little kids and despite of feeling their pain and wanting to give them something I cowardly  left those pleading eyes in my rush..


love story of a girl with a dream and a boy with perfection.


She was a girl full of dreams , he was a man of perfection.

She was on one side love for years and closed herself in a box for the same, he had his bad experiences of love thus closed himself in box for the same.

Once they decided they need to give them-self chance and  should move them self out of their boxes, Destiny was watching them and planed their weird meet.

They came in contact, share their loneliness, share their pain, share their laughter, made each other alive.

Then one day boy asked girl not to leave him ever, girl felt Aww and thought till now every one has left her on her own but he is asking means he will never leave her and decided that day, that will do anything for this guy  so that she never need to leave him nor he to her.

Then one other day boy said he is falling for her, girl was confused not sure ,  but after giving a lot thought she decided and confesed her feelings too. Love in the air started, beauty of life started touching both, promises were made, dreams were seen.

In the era of electronic world without meeting actually, they were living a actual life with each other, totally dependent on each other, life was looking beautiful for both.

Then one again boy decided something he decided to take next step , he decided to travel all the distances and take the girl along with him with all respect, he ask her to to talk to her family and arrange their meet, this time girl who taken all decisions earlier agree for it without giving it a second thought. She has no questions for him she trusted him blindly but she sees boy having lots of questions for her so she kept asking him is he sure for the greater step to be taken. Boy assure her he has no doubt but if she has she can think. Girl too having no doubt but still thinking about the complicity of the relationship gave boy his freedom to leave whenever he wants.

And now the girl took the step with all guts told her family what’s going in her life, father being bit conservative and over protective didn’t took very well what her daughter said to him , fight started in a family , ugly things started happening but girl kept fighting for her dream , she keep requesting him to meet the boy and then decide but decision was made in her father’s mind. Might be time would change them with this hope she kept her struggle on.

The day came , boy came ,inspite of trying her best girl fail to make her father agree, yet she gave boy all her time, they spend the beautiful time together inspite of all the tension going around. But boy was perfectionist he can’t take the imperfection of her girl along. Before leaving he said they need to think as he can’t see hope from her father , but girl knew her Mr. Perfectionist has saw some ugly scar in her . she got moist eyes while whaving him bye for she came to know in her heart that it’s the final bye..

Sooner the day came when boy made his final decision that it’s better for them to get apart from each other, girl wonder where she failed the boy who asked her once never to leave him, how come he leaving her on her own again. But decision was made. And giving the boy what he wants once again she with all her heavy heart and all the strength she behold she said him good bye..


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