Your truth is in your pain – Nida fazli


I admire Nida Fazli’s poem a lot, they speak so much in such a brief and Lucid way, must say one of the best poet and No one can give what his work has given to us.
Today while going through one of his book, I felt urge of sharing his work here with all art lovers, who admire and understand the soul of poetry, Sharing one of his poem randomly as it is hard to select one.

Your truth is in your pain,
lie it is written in all the books.

Meet one person please and you will meet all,
Today each one is same, each one is in mask.

You meet and all direction lost,
One road and many ways to travel it.

Count their failures too please,
Whose fame is their success.

Light was there in every limit of a question,
Yet all eyes were lost only for answer.

P.S. – third verse translation might be wrong as I myself was trying to understand the line in best possible way, so will appreciate if any reader could give their input here, or correct me if I did it wrong here or was not correct with Any other verses.
– Sneha

Mohabbat / Love


Mohabbat kya hai jaanna hai agar, to kisi jalti hui shama se poocho,

Jalatey khudko kisi ke intezar me aisey parvaney se poocho.

Mohabbat kya hai jaanna hai agar, to kisi deewaney poojari se poocho,

Poojta ho mann devta kisiko apna raat din, aisey parwaney se poocho.

Mohabbat kya hai Jaanna hai agar, to kisi ki sharmili muskaan se poocho,

Naam pe kisi ke, aa jaye chehre pe muskan jiskey, us parwaney se poocho.

Mohabbat kya hai Jaanna hai agar, to dua mein uthey haatho se poocho,

Maangey dua har pal kisi ke liye us parwaney se poocho.


If you want to know what love is ask the fire,

Ask that crazy fellow who is burning himself in wait for someone.

If you want to know what love is ask the saint,

Ask the crazy fellow who worship someone day and night like God.

If you want to know what love is ask the blushing smile,

Ask that crazy fellow whose face starts glowing with smile on mere name of someone.

If you want to know what love is ask the hands which are raised for prayers,

Ask the crazy fellow who pray for wellbeing of someone every moment.

Ask them and you will know what love is,
Live their craziness once and you will know what love is.
– Sneha


Yummy Dainty Paneer Tikka

Here comes our yummy, dainty, healthy Mr. paneer tikka,

Making us work for hours, not easy going , I must say.

Testing our patience like our mom.

Hung the curd whole night for him,

Chop the beautiful, colorful, magnificent veggies,

Then cruelly cut that white beautiful log of cheese in pieces,

Now to make it yum ,mix that hung curd with ginger, garlic paste and spices.

Just then next order raise his head,

Marinate all these white cheese and colorful veg with that yellow sticky paste,


It’s bit yuck, but what else I can do, Mr. tikka and my taste bud made me do that.

But here, where it’s going to end, Mr.tantrum I must say.

Again It’s his time to check our patience,

Now it will make us refrigerate the marinated stuff for hours again,

And after hours of wait, again still tiny miny work left,

Give touch of healthy saute for sophisticated health freak, and make me more tempted, says our Mr. tikka.

Then one last test of our patience more, as if tested yet less!

But this time it will reward us for sure,

Will make itself grill with our help for next 10-15 mins, and then all the tantrums of Mr. tikka gone and it’s ready to serve it’s best.

paneer tikka

P.S. For all those who love rhyming and cooking, can also check this poem

which i wrote months back .

while writing new one was remembering my this old poem a lot.

(rhyming is not perfect, but hope it served the purpose here)


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Small things not a diamond ring


She needs a walk in a moon light,

A calm night lying next to you,

fight on small things, like walk after food right or wrong.

Morning cuddle,

Pat on a cheek,

Small things is all she needs,

memories to cherish,

Moments to be lived.

Her world is in them,

All she need is a small thing,

not a diamond ring.

you give her that with your heart,

Correct her silly things,

fumbling words,

comfort her nervousness,

say her imperfection is what make her HER

And there she is, with a melted heart,

Love unbeatable like a Juliet,

Care like a mother,

silent prayers of a sister,

Beauty and power of all women in one,

not for a day, for a month but for always,

all of it for you and only you for always.

(P.S. most of the men wonder and talk about women, say they are complicated, hard to win, but truth is they are not. Wish this poem solve your puzzle regarding women, understanding them is not a rocket science, believe me.)
– Sneha

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Power of thoughts


Caught in the mist of thoughts,
Wondering where they will land.

In the ocean of depression,
Or In the sky of inspiration..

Will it Push me in something dark as a cave,
Or will it bring me in a light of a new dawn.

Will it take away what all I have,
Or will It present me what all hidden in me, I had.

Will it destroy me, with the power it holds,
Or will it make me with a blessing it beholds.

Here I am, Caught in the mist of thoughts.

( we ourself have power of creating or destroying ourselves )

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Incomplete love


She love him a lot  without any condition, without any reason, find her peace in him, herself amused why on earth it is so.

He love her too, her simplicity, her innocency, all make him think, how in today’s world any one can be this way, and why on earth he will fall for a person with it, confuse he is .

Therefore whenever things start between them, he throw her back, thinking how can she love him, how can he love her, he is not good for her, She is not like what he wanted, what reason on earth they have for this love.

She wants to be together, would do anything in her hand for it, but also move back, thinking he does not want it, she initiated, made all her efforts, but now her feminine ego speak, don’t push let him come if he too want his peace in you.

Hence their story left incomplete, leaving both empty within.

Moral- never doubt a love, if there’s a reason to love it’s not love. Never let any ego come if it’s love nothing matters in between.


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Cutzpa/ Madness


Today while counselling one of a friend at a heart broken stage , many thoughts came to me on my observation on boys, girls and their relationships which I have seen till date. So today I am simply expressing my views on people who fall with wrong ones, their view after breakups, and what exactly it is. And yes the madness they were living while being in a relationship.

Cutzpa / madness yes it is in all of us, because of this many of us fall for ppl who are opposite to us, wonder why, i think it’s simple universal rule “opposite attracts” .

Because of this madness only, Good boys fall for wrong girls, tolerate their tantrums, unnecessary demands, keep paying their shopping bills also carry their bags (poor guys), yet they left heart broken, and they keep on saying girls are bitches, yes they are but not all, unfortunately you got one of them and on name of love you ignore all her flaws in spite of her having lots of them, and she when get a better option, start seeing only flaw of yours which were very less in you, because of her unstable nature, yet you were stick to her, this is what madness/cutzpa of yours was.

Same goes with girls, good girls fall for wrong boys, tolerate their attitude, their always being busy, their filthy talks, only interest of them in body, understand their needs on name of love (poor girls) yet they are left heart broken, then they keep on saying all men are dogs, yes they are but not all, same, unfortunately you got one of them and you ignore all his flaw adjust with him on name of love, but unfortunately he always saw flaw in you because of his unstable nature, yet you keep trying your best to hold him, were stick to him till last and this is what chutzpa/madness of yours was.

It’s not love, boy, or girl who are bad, it’s just you fallen for wrong. Wrote this because if someone reading my blog and is still in one of that mad love, than it might be a help to them to move on, though know they won’t, they will try till last, will give there all to hold it, will have their own experience then with time will overcome with it.
(I m Not a relationship expert, these are just my observation and view based on them)

~ Sneha

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