अलग नजरिया, देश प्रेम एक / different opinion but love same

मै कौन ,

मेरी नराज़गी कौन ?

मै कौन, मेरी सोच कौन ?

पर वो मेरी माँ , वो तो कुछ है ,

उसकी नाराज़गी के तो मायने बनते हैं , उसकी सोच के तो मायने बनते हैं l

मुझ से ज्यादा वो नाराज है,

देख उसकी नाराजगी मैं दुखी हूँ ,

पर मुझ से ज्यादा वो दुखी है,

देख रही है अपने बच्चो को लड़ता वो, देख रही बोलती उनको माँ तेरी नही l

डर है माँ को, कर न दे बटवारा फिर से उसका ये नदान ज़िद्दी बच्चे ,

गैरो को न देदे मौका घर उसका तोड़ने का फिर से l

माँ मेरी, भारत है , देख रही है घर टूटता अपना वो l

English Translation

Who am I,

Why my disappointment will matter?

Who am I, why my thoughts will matter,

But the one who is our mother, she is something.

Her disappointment matters, her thoughts matter,

More than me she is annoyed,

Seeing her pain, I am upset,

but more than me she is upset .

She is watching her kids fighting, saying she is my mother not your’s,

Watching them becoming carrier of hatred for some selfish gainer of politics.

She is afraid the innocent kids of her will become reason for shattering her home again.

She is afraid in their innocence they will give others chance to enter her home and divide it .

Our mother is our motherland, she is in pain, seeing her kids getting divided by some selfish political gain.

P.s ~ Sad by Pulwama attack, another inhuman act to grieve on, sad to see humanity dieing, ironically in this moment too some ppl instead of grieving or paying tribute to great souls who are gone, declaring themselves nationalist and other anti-nationalist for not generalising any community or state.
I hate the persons who were behind this act, and I have full respect for all CRPF jawan who lost their lives, remember in these jawan there were some from the same valley and same community from where that person came who took these precious soul away from us.
Hate, love a person not generalise.
Pay tribute, grief not play dirty game of showing other down for not being like you.

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मरती इंसानियत , हारता हिन्द

मैं भारत, देख रहा सब हूँ ,

मरते देख रहा हूँ , इंसानियत को मैं,

पनपते देख रहा हूँ , हैवानियत को मैं |

कल निर्भया थी , आज आशिफ़ा है |

कल तक हर गुनाह पर , मजहब बीच में ला रहे थे तुम ,

लो आज मजहब के नाम पे ही गुनाह कर आये तुम |

वाह इंसान ! देख रहा हूँ तुझ को मैं ,

पर देखते देखते मेरे , कब तू नफरत का ये ठेकेदार बना ,

नाम लेते लेते मेरा , कब मुझको ही भूला तु ,

सोच रहा हूँ , अब मैं यह |


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अजीब हो गयी दुनिया मेरी


अजीब हो गयी दुनिया मेरी ,
विचार न मिले किसी के ,
तो देशद्रोही बना चला वो उसे l

नफरत कि लहर चली अजीब अब ,
दुश्मनो से लड़ते लडते ,
अपनों से लड़ रहे हैं अब l
कल तक लड़ते थे धर्म पे ,
आज लड़ रहे विचारो पे सब l

अजीब हुयी दुनिया मेरी ,
कैसे समजाऊँ इस को अब ,
ना है जो किसी साथी के दिल मे नफरत मेरे ,
देखता है इंसानियत सब मे,
अगर वो जो पहले ,
न दिखता किसी देश, धरम में , दुश्मन अगर उसे ,
मत बना उसे दुशमन, उस के देश का ही, उसको तू ,
मत नाप तोल नफरत के पैमाने मे उसको तू l

देख मोहब्बत देश के लिये उस में तू ,
मर मिटने का जज़्बा देश के लिये , देख उस में तू ,
नाप तोल मोहब्बत के पैमाने से जरा उसको तू l

रो दिया जो वो देख दुश्मन का दर्द ,
मरे बच्चों को देख, पाकिस्तान में हुए आतंक में ,
रोया जो दिल उसका,
तो देशद्रोही वो नही l

जो खौला न खून उस का दुशमन को देख ,
जो देख़ कसाब जैसो को, न हुआ मन वहीं मारने का उसे ,
तो देश द्रोही बोल उसे तू l

P.s. I wrote this poem on present scenario of my country, where few ppl think they got right to declare anyone nationalist or anti nationalist, on base of expression of views of a person, and amount of less hatred that person carry in his/her hearts comparative to these peoples.

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Just a Concern voice not an Anti-nationalist

“Har naazariye se dekhne ki Nazzar mil jaye,
Duniya samaj loon vho samaj mil jaye ”
I know it’s too late, to share my view on JNU matter, but what could I had said when I myself was not sure whats going around, people near me who so ever was discussing the matter shut me down when I start giving my view on it, for it was bit different from them, they start hating me making fun of me coz of my perspective, never this happened before  in spite of my having different view most of the time than others. This made me doubt on my approach too, though I always thought I can think and see things more clearly than my fellow ppl on some issues, but yet I felt either something is wrong with me or seriously wrong with my countrymen.

I wished I would have been wrong, but bitter truth is my country present scenario is, democracy is getting suppress here, you can only be a yes man to the present government, debating and asking question will put you under the sedition charges.
I am wondering when our constitution gave us freedom of speech then from where this law of sedition came to suppress the questionable mind voices.

New government is very good for development of my Nation but it’s unbalanced. On Global level new PM has right Strategies to make my country rise, even I feel he is a very good businesses man and will raise economical status of my country too, also best speaker in present I can say, but Here comes the unbalanced part new government becoming a dictator, anyone saying anything against it, raise any question, is declared as anti nationalist, when it itself has such a big lacuna of being communal in a secular country, making agenda of making our nation “Hindu Rastra” where our Nation is a country of all religions in the world. Actually in a right way according to me it is a “dharam rastra” ( all religious ppl living different religion following different faith but walking on same path of God, serving the humanity ).

No one is perfect and sadly my this government is too, Earlier one was secular, unbiased, works in reforming poors and women but on same proved to be corrupt. The new one wants to make country modernise, well known Globally, developed from developing, but how will they? if they will not be equal with all citizens of the nation, when youth will be suppress, questionable minds will be killed, raise voices will be shut, hatred will be spread for one another only for having different perspective, Nationality will be define as following particular party  or faith but not with the concern and love one has for their Nation, all this will surely make our Nation hollow from within, then how it will rise ?
May we all can open our eyes, see both sides of coin, stop following blindly the words spread, at least respect and  understand others perspective if can not agree, stop being judgmental for others, and may we all can live with the truth that everyone has their own presumption and assumptions it make them themselves, not a wrong human being. And I  am sure when this change will come in any Nation no one can stop it from being a developed Nation as it’s a sign of a rational, reasonable, educated and vigilant citizens of a nation.


Worried abt my country

recent new developed communities asking reservation fr them mke me sick ( on patel reservation issue)
I m basicaly agaist reservation for any community for de era whn it started de caste , sub caste were de status of ppl it speak abt their socio, finacial, nd abt all their life bt today era is changed nw finacial status define person.. Nd nuthng wrong in it it’s fair…
i want my  country to b developed country nd dis reservation will never let my nation come @dis stage for today reservation is not to upbring de lower nd needy  for helping in develpoment of our nation bt to gve de greedy , sympathy gainer   by taking more frm de struggling nd hardwrkng ppl..nd no nation can grow by being bias to few ppl…reservation need to b stopped or to b reformed i.e. only for de needy like ppl cmng under BPL..
In a democratic country like us few perks sud b given vry wisely to ppl if needed to gve for de progress of the nation..