जिंदगी  जीते  हैं जरा/ let’s live a life.


मुस्कराने  कि वजह ढूंढ ने निकले ,

तो  जिंदगी यूं  ही निकल  जायेगी ए नादान  ,

चलो वजहो को  अलविदा  बोल ,

बिन वजह मुस्कुराते हैं अब l

चलो , तुम मुझमे  , मै तुम  मे,

फिर  वो खिलखिलाता  बचपन तलाशते हैं  जरा  ,

कुछ  यूं  , चलो अब हम जिंदगी  जीते  हैं जरा  l



If we keep searching a reason to live, to smile, to love.
Life will be wasted in that in a jiff,
Let us wave bye to the reasons,
And live, smile, love  without any reason.
Let us make a try,
you in me,
me in you,
Let us see that childhood, once again in each other,
Full of life,
Full of laughter,
Full of innocence ,
Let’s live that life, for a while, once again.


P.C. Google

~ sneha


कैसे मानूं ये जुदाई तेरी मेरी/ how to believe


कैसे मान  लूं दिल तुम्हारा  कभी धड़का   न  होगा ,

कैसे मान लूं , यादें तड़पाती न होंगी  कभी तुम्हे l

कैसे मान  लूं जो  हाल  है मेरा यहाँ , वो  हाल  नही  है  तेरा  वहाँ l

कैसे मान लूं , पल जो  जीये   मैने , संग मेरे  वो  जीये  न होँगे  तुमने ,

कैसे मान  लूं  जो ये रूठा है  तू, अलविदा  बोल  चला  है  तू, निकला  है दिल  से ही तेरे l

कैसे मान लूं  तू  वो  नही  अब , जिस  से  मिली थी  मै  कभी,

कैसे मान  लूं  खुश है तू  बिछड़  के मुझसे वहाँ , जब  खुश  नही  मैं  बिछड़ के  तुझ  से  यहाँ l

                  English translation

                     how to believe
How to believe your heart never miss it’s beat like mine did,
How to believe you don’t get affected by memories like I do.
How to believe you are not at same place, where I am.
How to  believe the moments I live , never existed for u.
How to  believe your bye for ever, came from your heart only,
How to believe you are not the one I met before.
How to believe you are happy there , when I am not happy here.

~ sneha
P.C. Google

जी ले सावन / embrace the monsoon


ये जो हवा है कुछ ठण्डी सी ,
ये जो तितली है कुछ मचलती सी ,
ये जो चिड़िया है कुछ चहकती सी ,
ये जो बूंदे है कुछ बरसती सी ,
ये जो सुबह है कुछ सुहानी सी ,
ऐ  सावन ! ये तेरी ही तो दस्तक है ,
युं जिंदगी से भरी भरी सी l

          English translation
Could you feel the breeze,
Could you see those butterflies dancing,
Could you hear those birds chirping,
Could you see the Magic of water drops in this drizzling rain,
Could you feel this mesmerized morning,
What is this? you wondering too, like I do.
Oh dear it’s Monsoon,
Full of life it’s for sure,
Embrace it at moment,
for soon it will wave a bye for sure.

P.C. Google

अजीब हो गयी दुनिया मेरी


अजीब हो गयी दुनिया मेरी ,
विचार न मिले किसी  के ,
तो देशद्रोही बना चला वो उसे l

नफरत कि लहर चली अजीब अब ,
दुश्मनो से लड़ते लडते ,
अपनों से लड़ रहे हैं अब l
कल तक लड़ते थे धर्म पे ,
आज लड़ रहे विचारो पे सब l

अजीब हुयी दुनिया मेरी ,
कैसे समजाऊँ इस को अब ,
ना है जो किसी साथी के दिल मे नफरत मेरे ,
देखता है इंसानियत सब मे,
अगर वो जो पहले ,
न दिखता किसी देश, धरम में , दुश्मन अगर उसे  ,
मत बना उसे दुशमन, उस के देश का ही, उसको तू ,
मत नाप तोल नफरत के पैमाने मे उसको तू l

देख मोहब्बत देश के लिये उस में तू ,
मर मिटने का जज़्बा देश के लिये , देख उस में तू ,
 नाप तोल मोहब्बत के पैमाने से जरा उसको तू l

रो दिया जो वो देख दुश्मन का दर्द ,
मरे बच्चों को देख, पाकिस्तान में हुए आतंक में ,
रोया जो दिल उसका,
तो देशद्रोही वो नही l

जो खौला न खून उस का दुशमन को देख ,
जो देख़ कसाब जैसो को, न हुआ मन वहीं मारने का उसे ,
तो देश द्रोही बोल उसे तू l

P.s. I wrote this poem on present scenario of my country, where few ppl think they got right to declare anyone  nationalist or anti nationalist, on base of expression of views of a person, and amount of less hatred that person carry in his/her hearts comparative to these peoples.

P.C. Google


कोई नयी बात / something new from today


आज  ज़रा कोई नयी  बात हो जाये ,
नफ़रत उसे  थोड़ी, उस से  हो  जाये ,
मोहब्बत  थोड़ी उसे  खुद  से  हो  जाये  फिर l

यूँ जो खुद  के बनाये  ग़मो  के साये  मे  बैठा  है  वो ,
क्या पायेगा  वो यहाँ ?
खोकर खुद को, वो नादान, मिट जायेगा बस यहाँ l

जिद है, संभल  जा  तू, तो  अच्छा,
मोहब्बत कर  ले खुद से तू, तो  अच्छा ,
नही तो  फिर  फ़ना बेवजह यूँ हीं हो  जायेगा तू l


Wish something new to happen today,
May  a bit hatred  in your heart come for him today,
Than may be you start loving yourself bit again from today.

The way you sitting lost in world of pain of yours,
What you will ever get here ?
You will be lost in this, and my innocent friend you will be destroyed here only.

It’s your obsession, kill it , good it will be,
start loving yourself , good it will be,
Otherwise without any reason you will be demolished for ever .

P.C.- Google


You are ruined not me


Note~ on recent Bangalore molestation incidence

Freely walking on road,

Happy I am in my world,

But you the Mr. Judgmental out there,

Can’t see me, dancing on tunes of surroundings here,

Just living myself,

You can’t bear my happiness,

So envious you are of my sanity,

You try to harm me, for you can’t bear me, being what I am.

You enforce your insanity on me.

Thinking it will harm me,

I would be beaten down,

Left with all my dignity stolen by you.


Yes I do feel insulted, but then,

I smile on your character,

worst which is than an animal,

your thinking of being superior,

where your hideous act just made you inferior of all.

Reflects your weak morale,

Shows your failure,

Failure of becoming someone hero ever.

In your trying to molest me I fight back,

I punch you,

I may win over you or lose,

for unprepared I am.

And you coming to attack well planed for sure,

You may win, but what you ever won ? I wonder that,

I may loose, plus did ever I lose anything ? I wonder to that.

For I will always stand with a pride,

Head up high with dignity,

For I fought back the beast like you.

But you loose your all,

Of all living beings, inferior you proved.

Not able to gain respect from a single woman,

Your manhood is now in a trash.

Even, never ever you will be hero to your daughter.

Your existence is wrecked by you only that day.

Never it was me.


P.C. google



Moon the shining white crystal in a dark sky,

The white purity of it,

Sending the positive vibes,

Asking to shine no matter how dark it is,

To spread your light in dark.

To stand still there,

When  even clouds come,

bringing all winds along,

to take you back,

To move you from your place.

The message rightly conveyed,

The message rightly received,

Be a Moon in your dark.

P.c. Google.

Her power


She has a power to dream,
Dream the dreams to live the dream, she always dream of.

She has a power to live,
Live the vulnerability, she always scared of,
live the pain she never wanted to be encountered of.

She has a power to walk away,
Walk away from the exploitation of her love, her care, her assets, her dream, her emotions.

She has a power to live herself,
live new dreams, feel new hope,
Walk new road, be herself the way she is.

P.c. google.

Zindagi berang Si nahe/ Life is never colourless


Zindagi itni berang si bhee to nahi,

Yaad  kar ke kuch muskuraney ko to hai,

Yaad  kar kuch aansu bahaney ko to hai.

Zindagi itni berang si bhee to nahi,

Lamhey kuch zindagi se bhare,

Hai yaadon ke pitaro Me tere,

Aaj Kahin nahi, to un  Palo me to, zindagi hai hee dost mere..

Zindagi itnee berang si bhee toh nahi,

Aaj nahe hai kuch tere paas maana,

kuch nahe to jee le, un zindagi se bhare  lamho ko hi tu aaj Zara.

Rakh yakeen mera, kal tera banayega koi haseen yaadein yuhn hee phir.

Zindagi berang si phir nahi hogi kabhi Zara.


Life is not colourless, my friend.
If someday you feel you have nothing,
Remember You have memories to cherish and smile,
You have memories to remember and shed a tear.

Life is not colourless, my friend.
You have some moments fill with life,
in your bucket of memories for sure,
if nothing.
If you feel nothing in your life today, then remember and feel those moments which were full of life once.

Life is not colourless, my friend.
If nothing, just live few old memories today,
And tomorrow you will get some  new memories to be made for sure,
And life won’t b colourless ever then for sure.

P.c. google

Empty bench


This empty bench,
Yes this empty bench,
Speaks our void inside us,
The struggle of our thoughts,
Our emotions being our foe,
Our brain webbing all, trapping all,
Stopping our heart to live all ,
dying to be express,
Waiting to be listen,
Struggling to breathe,
the void inside us,
Scared to be seen vulnerable,
hiding self behind a mask.

The empty bench speak all
Speak the struggle,
Speak the void,
desires of making of memories,
Desire of reliving the memory.
Empty bench says all.
P.C. self