कल मै  जो  था , आज  भी  वही  हूँ l
बस  दुनिया  बदलती  रहती  है  यारों l

                    English translation

I am the same as I was yesterday, just world around me keep changing, masks keep getting down, curtains keep rolling up.
~ Sneha
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जिंदगी  जीते  हैं जरा/ let’s live a life.


मुस्कराने  कि वजह ढूंढ ने निकले ,

तो  जिंदगी यूं  ही निकल  जायेगी ए नादान  ,

चलो वजहो को  अलविदा  बोल ,

बिन वजह मुस्कुराते हैं अब l

चलो , तुम मुझमे  , मै तुम  मे,

फिर  वो खिलखिलाता  बचपन तलाशते हैं  जरा  ,

कुछ  यूं  , चलो अब हम जिंदगी  जीते  हैं जरा  l



If we keep searching a reason to live, to smile, to love.
Life will be wasted in that in a jiff,
Let us wave bye to the reasons,
And live, smile, love  without any reason.
Let us make a try,
you in me,
me in you,
Let us see that childhood, once again in each other,
Full of life,
Full of laughter,
Full of innocence ,
Let’s live that life, for a while, once again.


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~ sneha

Zindagi berang Si nahe/ Life is never colourless


Zindagi itni berang si bhee to nahi,

Yaad  kar ke kuch muskuraney ko to hai,

Yaad  kar kuch aansu bahaney ko to hai.

Zindagi itni berang si bhee to nahi,

Lamhey kuch zindagi se bhare,

Hai yaadon ke pitaro Me tere,

Aaj Kahin nahi, to un  Palo me to, zindagi hai hee dost mere..

Zindagi itnee berang si bhee toh nahi,

Aaj nahe hai kuch tere paas maana,

kuch nahe to jee le, un zindagi se bhare  lamho ko hi tu aaj Zara.

Rakh yakeen mera, kal tera banayega koi haseen yaadein yuhn hee phir.

Zindagi berang si phir nahi hogi kabhi Zara.


Life is not colourless, my friend.
If someday you feel you have nothing,
Remember You have memories to cherish and smile,
You have memories to remember and shed a tear.

Life is not colourless, my friend.
You have some moments fill with life,
in your bucket of memories for sure,
if nothing.
If you feel nothing in your life today, then remember and feel those moments which were full of life once.

Life is not colourless, my friend.
If nothing, just live few old memories today,
And tomorrow you will get some  new memories to be made for sure,
And life won’t b colourless ever then for sure.

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Life complexity and it’s simple rule


Life is simple but yet complex and weird, not in case of mine only, but of all I think, as it is life, complex and weird is what it is always, that is what is needed always to keep it moving, keep it in it’s pulsatile motion, straight it can’t be lived ever.

What is a formula to live ? people always wonder, for all are scared of the weirdness and it’s down motion which they have to face off and on, tantrums of life we can say it  in that way too.

Few people say listen to your heart and live few say listen to your mind and live, few say listen to other people, experienced one and live accordingly.

Truth is neither your heart, neither your mind , neither the experienced people will save you from facing what has to be there for you, you need to have your own experience of life, It’s not true that your heart will always take you on right path, it may make some mistakes, may make you fall for wrong people, but still live with your heart, live your mistakes, for whatever they will be, they will be your, your own experience.

Your mind, it is  also a myth that it is wise always, sometime listening to it may leave you nowhere,  even alone too may be, But still listen to it for it is your own voice to guide, Whatever outcome it will be, you will be living yourself.

People they may be right sometimes but they will never lead you on a right track for sure, your mind and heart may or may not be right but living according to people will never be, for in that case you will never live your life.

There is a saying ” listen to all but do only what your voice says to you” for in true sense that is a way to live, live by your heart, live by your brain, live by yourself, give your self chance to prove not to people around and their words, make your own route, gain your own experiences, make your own mistakes, love all you meet in this way, get bit hurt, no harm in anything but you have to live, you have to feel all emotions, pulsatile life you have to live it that way, and remember no regret for living yourself ever, for it’s you and your life.

You never harmed anyone, you never ditched anyone, so for having your bad experiences never regret, for life would have given you that anyway, if listened to yourself or not, at least here you know you gave yourself a chance, you listened to yourself.

It’s not about what you want always, but what life wants for you, so just go with the waves, live your voices, love all, give all what you can, and never regret. For yes life is complex, weird but simple for it has only one rule ” live yourself “.


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Why so much worry,when all is temporary


What is there for you, for always,

What is there for me, for always..

Why do waste all, on thinking what will come next,

Why do kill what is lying here, at this jest..

We know tomorrow is the  day, we will die for sure,

Then why afraid of embracing, what is lying here for sure..

There is so much worry why ? when all is temporary for sure..

Answers of all here only, then all this mist of complicacy, why ?

Go, be a killer,  Kill all whys and live your life,

or be a loser, lost in all whys and let this why kill your life…


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Nothing last for long,all comes with the expiry date along..


When days are dark,

When emptiness start growing,

When life seems to be at an end,

When pain start getting unbearable,

Then my friend just have bit patience,

For that’s all is needed, when hard time starts growing ..

Remember always, there is nothing which stay for long,

For All comes with the expiry date along  ..

Never get tired of what you have in your plate my friend,

For it will change for sure, is the law of the universe, that only last till the end…


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You will live your own, just give life a chance once…

gve lfe a ch

You will live your own, just give life a chance once,

Think of life once, take chance to live it once ,

Be a courageous once , you will live it your own just give it a chance once..

Sitting in shade of sorrows made by you , hey ! You won’t find life here,

get up , come out of your box, take a step out and you will find life there.

Take a step once , you will live life your own just give it a chance once..

Go meet a stranger on road, you will learn a thing from him for sure..

Scared of them, leave it , go meet a butterfly flying in a park , you will find  life there for sure…

Take a  meet once, you will live life your own just give it a chance once ..

You are human but than scared of human why ..

You can see devil there in them,  you can’t  see God there in them why..

Take a risk once , you will live life your own just  give it a chance once …

~ Sneha

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All are lost wondering where they will lead


All Feeling lost , don’t know where they will go, busy searching the meaning of all,, wondering where they will lead..

The world around seems like a mess, no one to claim the sanity one’s soul desires for.. all seems lost, wondering  where this chaos will lead..

All are lost, all searching the meaning, all wondering where they will lead..

Few content and know where they are but deep inside they lost too, wondering what else they need to do…

Few like the wondering teens, failed youth, feeling lost completely ,don’t know what they need to do, lost in the mess around, absorbing the world around..

All are lost, all searching the meaning , all wondering where they will lead..


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Heart and mind


I wonder who are the people whose heart and mind don’t fight I reckon just like a blissful house with no fights…
I , victim of conflicts of my heart and mind,,  reckon they are just over pampered kids of mine..
My mind is full of complaints of my favouring little heart a lot, and little heart complaining my listening to big mind a lot,, I think for a while and wonder, do I ?
No matter how much they fight , no matter whom I favour ,  no matter whom I listen to,  for at last It proved like always I am just a newbie whom life is busy shaping up, and time was winner like always nor mind ,nor heart nor me..


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