Strong woman and her weakness


She is a beautiful lady, wonder woman, dealing with the world alone, strong like a hill, shattered in love , yet hadn’t cursed the faith she behold.

Moving ahead with wave of time, giving world the best she have, tired of life testing her, yet haven’t given up till now and refuses to compromise on what comes to her way , trashing all the road sides Romeo’s at side for she knows they are just another pain and not the comfort of love needed for her.

Moving ahead with head up high, giving damn to what the world keep saying, She is one of her own, doing always what she feel is right, even make her critics wonder how she survive.

But woman love is crazy when she meets the man of her dream she turn as a wet cat in a rain, making all errors in  what she says, make him think her as another dumb girl he passes by, Words she choose to speak start fumbling ,  sounding like a crazy kid.

The strength and confidence she owns all lost in air in seconds, leaving her as a crazy teenager cursing her fumbling, Lady of content become a  girl making her man think of her as weak, vulnerable and dependent one, thus letting him leave her in storm of world alone and getting busy in dreaming of his own strong independent woman he dream of loving every day.


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Remembering one of my old poem and my crazy days


years back i wrote this when i first saw my favorite bike on road which was rare to see . That time i was crazy about Harley Davidson . This poem to be confessing was not only inspired by HD but also by my crush on someone . Reading lots of beautiful poems today inspired me to share it here.

“cursng the moment why my eyes got stuck on you while you were busy playing wid sunshine nd dust, you virile , you audacious….

wondering why you are such an eye candy for me ,, you dream of adventure , you dream of life…..

hating de way you stole my heart and now you playing with it ,, you playful, you dusty beauty….

knowing can’t owe you but always dreaming of you ,, you dream stalker , you zest of life….”


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