तेवर/ Attitude

ले बदल  दिये मैने  तेवर  अपने ,

है अब मेरे  हर एक आँशु का कर्ज तुझ  पे ,

है तू कर्जदार अब मेरा ,

काबिल  नही  था  मैं  कभी तेरे , 

पास  बुला  के , बोल  ये  हर  बार  ठुकराया  तूने,

ले नाकाबिल करार किया तुझको मैंने ,

औकात  नही  तेरी, चुका  सके क़र्ज़  तू मेरा अब,

जा  बदल दिए तेवर मैने  अपने अब l


I am changed now, and so is my attitude,

You always asked for it so I am now, 

You are in debt to my each tear,

You called me everytime,

 raising my hopes, 

 Only to shatter them, saying I am inapt ,

Today I declare you inapt,

Now  unfit you are,

never ever can make yourself free from my indebtedness,

I am changed, and so is my attitude now.


P.c. Google.


एक उलझन/ tangle thoughts

बस  एक जिद्द  थी उसकी, कुछ सुनहरी यादें  बुनने  की  संग  तेरे ,

पर   हर लमहे पे अफ़सोस  हो,  कुछ  ऐसी  यादें दे दी तूने  उसे ,

एक मासूम सा सवाल था उसका , बिछडते हुए कुछ युं फिर भी ,

” याद  तो  आऊंगी  ना मै तुम्हे कभी” l

                   English translation

She just wanted to have memories to treasure, you gifted her time to regret.

Fool she was , yet asking silly question on depart.

“Will you miss me someday ?”

~ Sneha

P.C Google.

उसकी कहानी / her story


कहानी  बस  तेरी  और  उसकी  इतनी  ही  है ,

तू  कुछ  आबाद  ज़्यादा  है , संग  उसको तू  खुद  के , इसलिए पाया  है l

वो  कुछ  बर्बाद ज्यादा  है , संग  इसलिए तुझको  खुद  के उसने  पाया है  l

जो होती मोहब्बत  उसे खुद से थोड़ी ,

तो  तू  युं मोहब्बत  कि बारिश  मे  उसकी नहाया  न  होता l

~कहानी कुछ उसकी थोडी उसकी ही जुबानी अब~

कहानी  बस  तेरी मेरी  इतनी
मै बर्बाद कुछ ज्यादा, तू आबाद कुछ  ज्यादा,
मै  बर्बाद तेरी  बेरुखी  से,  तू आबाद मेरी मोहब्बत से l

             English translation
Your and her story is this much only
You are blessed and lucky one that’s why you got her with you,

she is unlucky, cursed one  that’s why got you around her,

If she had loved herself a bit more, than loved had not showered on you this way .

~The same story a little by her~

I am ruined a bit, you are blessed a bit,
I am ruined by your rudness, you are blessed by my love.

P.c. Google

कैसे मानूं ये जुदाई तेरी मेरी/ how to believe


कैसे मान  लूं दिल तुम्हारा  कभी धड़का   न  होगा ,

कैसे मान लूं , यादें तड़पाती न होंगी  कभी तुम्हे l

कैसे मान  लूं जो  हाल  है मेरा यहाँ , वो  हाल  नही  है  तेरा  वहाँ l

कैसे मान लूं , पल जो  जीये   मैने , संग मेरे  वो  जीये  न होँगे  तुमने ,

कैसे मान  लूं  जो ये रूठा है  तू, अलविदा  बोल  चला  है  तू, निकला  है दिल  से ही तेरे l

कैसे मान लूं  तू  वो  नही  अब , जिस  से  मिली थी  मै  कभी,

कैसे मान  लूं  खुश है तू  बिछड़  के मुझसे वहाँ , जब  खुश  नही  मैं  बिछड़ के  तुझ  से  यहाँ l

                  English translation

                     how to believe
How to believe your heart never miss it’s beat like mine did,
How to believe you don’t get affected by memories like I do.
How to believe you are not at same place, where I am.
How to  believe the moments I live , never existed for u.
How to  believe your bye for ever, came from your heart only,
How to believe you are not the one I met before.
How to believe you are happy there , when I am not happy here.

~ sneha
P.C. Google

कोई नयी बात / something new from today


आज  ज़रा कोई नयी  बात हो जाये ,
नफ़रत उसे  थोड़ी, उस से  हो  जाये ,
मोहब्बत  थोड़ी उसे  खुद  से  हो  जाये  फिर l

यूँ जो खुद  के बनाये  ग़मो  के साये  मे  बैठा  है  वो ,
क्या पायेगा  वो यहाँ ?
खोकर खुद को, वो नादान, मिट जायेगा बस यहाँ l

जिद है, संभल  जा  तू, तो  अच्छा,
मोहब्बत कर  ले खुद से तू, तो  अच्छा ,
नही तो  फिर  फ़ना बेवजह यूँ हीं हो  जायेगा तू l


Wish something new to happen today,
May  a bit hatred  in your heart come for him today,
Than may be you start loving yourself bit again from today.

The way you sitting lost in world of pain of yours,
What you will ever get here ?
You will be lost in this, and my innocent friend you will be destroyed here only.

It’s your obsession, kill it , good it will be,
start loving yourself , good it will be,
Otherwise without any reason you will be demolished for ever .

P.C.- Google


Blind love


He started kissing her,
Her heart cried,
She finally said  u don’t love me and u do this, I am here, because I love you, but why you ?
His cold heart spoke the answer “because I am a man ”
And my poor lady, fool she is no doubt, loving a man like him blindly, for whom she is no one, the one who even don’t deserve her love, yet she surrender herself again to him, in hope of winning his heart one day.

~ sneha
P.c. google



You came and you went,
Happy in your place,
Liar you are, just like me.

Your soft touch, your smile,
Peeking in my mind,
All your memories day and night.

Life dreaming for you,
complete it will be with you,
Fantasy of mine it is, what to do ?

Love for you,
care for you,
Things to talk to you,
things to share with you,
But you are here, when ?
Simply You came, and you went.

Thinking of you,
Dreaming of you,
Craving for you,
Dying for you,
From here where to go,
is the mess I am living now,
Liar, both we are,
left alone both we are.

P.C. Google

~ sneha

Incomplete love


She love him a lot  without any condition, without any reason, find her peace in him, herself amused why on earth it is so.

He love her too, her simplicity, her innocency, all make him think, how in today’s world any one can be this way, and why on earth he will fall for a person with it, confuse he is .

Therefore whenever things start between them, he throw her back, thinking how can she love him, how can he love her, he is not good for her, She is not like what he wanted, what reason on earth they have for this love.

She wants to be together, would do anything in her hand for it, but also move back, thinking he does not want it, she initiated, made all her efforts, but now her feminine ego speak, don’t push let him come if he too want his peace in you.

Hence their story left incomplete, leaving both empty within.

Moral- never doubt a love, if there’s a reason to love it’s not love. Never let any ego come if it’s love nothing matters in between.


p.c. google

Ekh khayal /a thought


Aaj phir ek khayal aaya ,
Khud se roothey barso hue yeh yaad aaj aaya..

Roothna to tujhse tha,
par tu tha hi kab apna, jo rooth paatey tujhse hum..

Ek shayad sirf hum hee to apne the,  baki sab ko to gair paya.

Wafa kii har gair se humne,
par bewafayi khud se hi kar gaye.

Pathar ki duniya me insaan dhundney nikle the,
par khud hi patthar ban gaye.

Manaa lete hain yun toh har roothey hue ko hum,
Par khud ko manaye barso hue,
Yeh yaad humein aaj aaya..


Today a thought came by,
Making me think it’s been ages I met myself.

It should be you, whom I should be annoyed to never taking pain to meet,
But when you were mine ? that I could express my anger to you.

May be it was Me for myself only,  rest all were strangers.
Always I had been loyal to everyone,
but proved disloyal to myself only in being loyal to all.

In this cold hearted world was trying to search a human heart, but ironic got turned into cold hearted one myself.

Always I am able to make peace with all, but it’s been ages I had made peace with myself.
All thoughts came by today and made me wonder what enemy I had been to myself.


p.c. google

Ankahee/ unsaid


Kuch baatein aaj phir ankahee c reh gayi,

Koi dastaan phir aaj adhuri c reh gayi.

Berukhi bayan kar gayi kisi ki aaj phir kuch,

Jubaan kisi ki aaj bin boley kuch phir reh gayi.

Kuchey se aaj phir, khwaab koi dastak de nikla,

Ishq ki jubaan aaj phir bezubaan hogayi.

Kahani aaj koi phir adhuri reh gayi,

Dastan aaj phir koi ankahee c reh gayi.


Few things are left unsaid again today,

Some story is left incomplete again today.

Rudeness of someone revealed something again today,

Voice of someone went silent today again.

A dream came by knocked at the door and left again today,

Voice of love went silent today again.

Some story made incomplete again today,

Some tale today went unsaid again.

~ Sneha

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