Cutzpa/ Madness


Today while counselling one of a friend at a heart broken stage , many thoughts came to me on my observation on boys, girls and their relationships which I have seen till date. So today I am simply expressing my views on people who fall with wrong ones, their view after breakups, and what exactly it is. And yes the madness they were living while being in a relationship.

Cutzpa / madness yes it is in all of us, because of this many of us fall for ppl who are opposite to us, wonder why, i think it’s simple universal rule “opposite attracts” .

Because of this madness only, Good boys fall for wrong girls, tolerate their tantrums, unnecessary demands, keep paying their shopping bills also carry their bags (poor guys), yet they left heart broken, and they keep on saying girls are bitches, yes they are but not all, unfortunately you got one of them and on name of love you ignore all her flaws in spite of her having lots of them, and she when get a better option, start seeing only flaw of yours which were very less in you, because of her unstable nature, yet you were stick to her, this is what madness/cutzpa of yours was.

Same goes with girls, good girls fall for wrong boys, tolerate their attitude, their always being busy, their filthy talks, only interest of them in body, understand their needs on name of love (poor girls) yet they are left heart broken, then they keep on saying all men are dogs, yes they are but not all, same, unfortunately you got one of them and you ignore all his flaw adjust with him on name of love, but unfortunately he always saw flaw in you because of his unstable nature, yet you keep trying your best to hold him, were stick to him till last and this is what chutzpa/madness of yours was.

It’s not love, boy, or girl who are bad, it’s just you fallen for wrong. Wrote this because if someone reading my blog and is still in one of that mad love, than it might be a help to them to move on, though know they won’t, they will try till last, will give there all to hold it, will have their own experience then with time will overcome with it.
(I m Not a relationship expert, these are just my observation and view based on them)

~ Sneha

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Life complexity and it’s simple rule


Life is simple but yet complex and weird, not in case of mine only, but of all I think, as it is life, complex and weird is what it is always, that is what is needed always to keep it moving, keep it in it’s pulsatile motion, straight it can’t be lived ever.

What is a formula to live ? people always wonder, for all are scared of the weirdness and it’s down motion which they have to face off and on, tantrums of life we can say it  in that way too.

Few people say listen to your heart and live few say listen to your mind and live, few say listen to other people, experienced one and live accordingly.

Truth is neither your heart, neither your mind , neither the experienced people will save you from facing what has to be there for you, you need to have your own experience of life, It’s not true that your heart will always take you on right path, it may make some mistakes, may make you fall for wrong people, but still live with your heart, live your mistakes, for whatever they will be, they will be your, your own experience.

Your mind, it is  also a myth that it is wise always, sometime listening to it may leave you nowhere,  even alone too may be, But still listen to it for it is your own voice to guide, Whatever outcome it will be, you will be living yourself.

People they may be right sometimes but they will never lead you on a right track for sure, your mind and heart may or may not be right but living according to people will never be, for in that case you will never live your life.

There is a saying ” listen to all but do only what your voice says to you” for in true sense that is a way to live, live by your heart, live by your brain, live by yourself, give your self chance to prove not to people around and their words, make your own route, gain your own experiences, make your own mistakes, love all you meet in this way, get bit hurt, no harm in anything but you have to live, you have to feel all emotions, pulsatile life you have to live it that way, and remember no regret for living yourself ever, for it’s you and your life.

You never harmed anyone, you never ditched anyone, so for having your bad experiences never regret, for life would have given you that anyway, if listened to yourself or not, at least here you know you gave yourself a chance, you listened to yourself.

It’s not about what you want always, but what life wants for you, so just go with the waves, live your voices, love all, give all what you can, and never regret. For yes life is complex, weird but simple for it has only one rule ” live yourself “.


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Just a Concern voice not an Anti-nationalist

“Har naazariye se dekhne ki Nazzar mil jaye,
Duniya samaj loon vho samaj mil jaye ”
I know it’s too late, to share my view on JNU matter, but what could I had said when I myself was not sure whats going around, people near me who so ever was discussing the matter shut me down when I start giving my view on it, for it was bit different from them, they start hating me making fun of me coz of my perspective, never this happened before  in spite of my having different view most of the time than others. This made me doubt on my approach too, though I always thought I can think and see things more clearly than my fellow ppl on some issues, but yet I felt either something is wrong with me or seriously wrong with my countrymen.

I wished I would have been wrong, but bitter truth is my country present scenario is, democracy is getting suppress here, you can only be a yes man to the present government, debating and asking question will put you under the sedition charges.
I am wondering when our constitution gave us freedom of speech then from where this law of sedition came to suppress the questionable mind voices.

New government is very good for development of my Nation but it’s unbalanced. On Global level new PM has right Strategies to make my country rise, even I feel he is a very good businesses man and will raise economical status of my country too, also best speaker in present I can say, but Here comes the unbalanced part new government becoming a dictator, anyone saying anything against it, raise any question, is declared as anti nationalist, when it itself has such a big lacuna of being communal in a secular country, making agenda of making our nation “Hindu Rastra” where our Nation is a country of all religions in the world. Actually in a right way according to me it is a “dharam rastra” ( all religious ppl living different religion following different faith but walking on same path of God, serving the humanity ).

No one is perfect and sadly my this government is too, Earlier one was secular, unbiased, works in reforming poors and women but on same proved to be corrupt. The new one wants to make country modernise, well known Globally, developed from developing, but how will they? if they will not be equal with all citizens of the nation, when youth will be suppress, questionable minds will be killed, raise voices will be shut, hatred will be spread for one another only for having different perspective, Nationality will be define as following particular party  or faith but not with the concern and love one has for their Nation, all this will surely make our Nation hollow from within, then how it will rise ?
May we all can open our eyes, see both sides of coin, stop following blindly the words spread, at least respect and  understand others perspective if can not agree, stop being judgmental for others, and may we all can live with the truth that everyone has their own presumption and assumptions it make them themselves, not a wrong human being. And I  am sure when this change will come in any Nation no one can stop it from being a developed Nation as it’s a sign of a rational, reasonable, educated and vigilant citizens of a nation.


Thankful to all who met in our way to inspire us more.


I can’t express my gratitude and how touch I am to find today that I had been nominated for cool blogger liebster award.

Big thanks to Mr. Aishwarya creator of beautiful blog for considering me capable of this. For I myself , never consider me belonging any near to such event..

Though inspite of such an honour and my excitement, I am failing to take an active part in it , because of my being trap @ place with bad internet service..

Ohh God ! This is appetite for my soul, and I am starving badly for not able to access internet properly specially this wordpress site . But that’s what life is, serving you bit, asking you to get adjust with whatever you get , so that you can relish big later..

It’s rightly said if u keep moving on road of life, thn sometime on the way you get some unknown , who without any connection to you, inspires you , give more meaning to you, bring best out of you by showing you hope and faith in you, and unknowingly with their positivity, their light, they enhance your positivity more taking away all the dark trying to trap u in..


Young blood always foolish with harsh truth of life.

My today morning started with a picture message a simple funny one but it had picture of resuscitation which was fine but my experience with it took me somewhere else. The train of thoughts and memory began running and disturbing me for few hrs..

It was 17 oct evening i remember exactly now, when my brother came running to me saying neighbours calling me their granny not feeling well. Being in a small town and living in a small colony whole neighborhood is knitted like a family, and the old lady was like a grand mother for us too even we called her dadi ( grand mom ) only.

Well doubting the worst I ran to their house as few days back only when I went to see her, I doubted her health and on symptoms which she was telling me I strongly recommend her to go to cardiologist or physician , but she said she lived her life  and it’s her age of being victim of different diseases therefore don’t want to spend money on doctors and trouble her family.

It was her call what could I say , yet i tried my best to counsel her about the worst outcomes if she stay with her decision, but u can always counsel man who is afraid of death or life but never a one who has no will of living and is content with it..

Well back on track, when I reached there I found her sitting on chair with mouth open , eye closed..My heart sank I checked her vitals quickly, no pulsation in radial artery, pupil dilated. I turned numb assuming cardiac arrest and her death from it. But any how collecting my self I ask her daughter-in-law standing near by since how long she is lying like this ? She said just two mins back she was talking to them. I without giving a second thought , checked her carotid artery where there was slight jugular vein pulsation avoiding my seniors practical advice never to give it an attention in old age, I started giving her CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation, she was my own how can I gave up without trying. She took two short breaths during my trying to resuscitate her which I gave for 10-15 mins with all my energy. I got a hope I shouted her family to react fast and call ambulance.
But it turn out they called me to declare death and not to try to rescue her, I was asking running here and there to act fast. Meantime someone called near by another doctor and he gave the answer they wanted to know, of course why would he try hard on stranger old lady..

Yes practically her chances of survival were least even if acted on time. But young blood failing to accept death practically, felt foolish on trying to turn it away.. I was shocked how elder people ( her son , daughter in law, husband, old senior doctor) accept death so soon and we younger one ( me and her grand child who came later with teared eyes at my door asking I tried all measures to save her na ?) less feared from death , yet how hard we try to beat it and fail to accept it at once…
With time and age acceptance for few things and maturity how to deal with them come no doubt in that now…


120 seconds of different life I felt at traffic signal

Empty roads , greenery around ,cool winds blowing playing with my hairs making me tickle Riding back to home at speed of 80. And Here comes the Traffic roads causing me to leave all the fun of driving behind and thus came red light making me halt here for  120 seconds.
Here it’s the time where something strike you out of blue but today no random thoughts, not remembering some forgotten work , but is a sad reality of life which strike me here , at red light what I saw is a life enough to shattered me, poverty to make me sadden enough..
Two kids aging around 5 -6 one dressed and had make up of a monkey another with a stick and a tiny drum , performing a small art of monkey dance and collecting money on this signal. I wonder is this the childhood they have ? Is this the only game they are made to play ? Is’nt it their age to enjoy the dramas, to understand and relish what entertainment is all about, how can  these little kids are left to earn their living? art of begging involving the kids, read about it number of times but never imagined it exist in my weirdest dream, I thought it’s wrong but then i saw traffic police sideling them to corner stopping them from disturbing us.
I wanted to do something for them but right now not in position to do any. But gladly I got candies in my purse , I bend down to pick my purse from floor of my scooter where it’s resting, but I forgot I am @ red light and here this 120 seconds got over in my thinking about the scenario around, green light blink, and time which i always curse for lasting so long i curse it for slipping so fast. Vehicles start honking giving me no time to take out candies for those little kids and despite of feeling their pain and wanting to give them something I cowardly  left those pleading eyes in my rush..


Blogging is a beautiful gift one can give to themselves indeed


I m not a writer, yet I write here. I m a newbie in this world . sometime I write bad, sometime just fine, sometime worth reading. But whatever I write all is a mirror of my soul and mind. Therefore bad or good all give peace to me once I finish with them.
But this blogging is not only about what we express and how we express but it also give us a chance to read different kind of work , to understand world from others eye, to connect us with anonymous different writers, to live different life through reading their work. Itz like putting yourself in their shoes and living what they felt through their work.
Once in a school i remember we had a story explaining us the importance of reading , how man being in a solitude lived his life and got fine knowledge of world being in an imprisonment for 20 years just by being in a contact with all kind of books and in habit of reading them where as his friend was in depression and living a miserable life in spite of having a good social and family life.
Story remembered here for that’s what this blogging giving us life, inspiration, knowledge of understanding and knowing world better. Yha I agree being social is an important part of life and I m  not a nerd too . But how can i not talk about and praise the thing which is giving me and teaching me so much daily in my life. The platform which give me inspiration from within, make me confident by making me meet myself , the one where i came to know I m not alone whole world is like me. How can I not talk about it.
We all have pains , we all have beauty of life inside. Things shared here are talking about the same in one or other way. When we are disappointed the pain of others give us inspiration if they can live with it then we can live with our’s too. Beauty of life shared here give us hope show us rainbow in dark sky’s giving us a message that life has this beauty and we may get to live it too one day, as we ourselves had lived it a bit while reading it.
Pouring ourselves out give us a peace of mind and soul, confidence to deal with ourselves and the surroundings. Once i read somewhere talking is good , and  keeping things inside kill man. So here is our saviour where we keep talking, keep sharing whatz inside us. Keeping listing what other’s have. And even if someone is lonely they are never alone if they have this beautiful friend with them. Blogging is a beautiful gift one can give to themselves indeed. And I Am thankful to it. I can’t thank every article i read here which make me live them while i m reading them, which inspires me, which teach me something  but through this blog a big thank to them and to wordpress for making me meet and live the new world , new life.


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My strange relationship with Almighty and Gratitude for yet bestowing his blessings on me.

thank you lord

Geting ready for work seeing myself in mirror and i felt something , i felt grateful to God for he given me so much without asking. I wonder why ? My relationship with Almighty is strange and sometime hard for people to understand. Even sometime people consider me Atheist. I dn’t feel offended though i just wonder do i ?

Being Hindu we have so many rituals, so many ways of showing our love to God but I hardly knew few, I hardly follow few, i rarely fast, i rarely go to temples.Daily going to God place never came in my routine. Even if on my way to work I pass to some Temple, Church or Gurudwara and I feel the calling to stop and pay the visit I shut it and say will get late to work that will not be good and just say short prayer of mine while passing his holy places. Never gave lord special time. Was God happy with me for me dedicated more to my work and life he bestowed to me than to him. I might had not shown my love to him , my faith to him but I never disrespected him and tried my best never to any of his child, I simply get moving what he bestowed me with , I simply went giving what i can . My love, my care, my understanding, my best helping hand to who so ever I met in this life. I believed in serving and relishing his creation more than him .Atheist or not i dn’t know. But i tried to find him in all.

And seeing myself in mirror as a strong , beautiful lady and with all these thoughts playing in my mind i wonder what i did for the lord that he bestowed me with the beauty of a lady to relish, with the brain to b wise, with the power of patience and understanding towards other , with the strength to digest all the pain and enjoy the solitude, with the little weird yet most beautiful family and friends . I dn’t remember anything special i had done for the Lord yet he bestowed me. Rembering all this i felt so thankful and sorry @ the same time not for not being a great lover to lord but if unknowingly i had done something which he dose’nt wanted me to do, had hurt any of his child, in short if unknowingly i had  ever failed Almighty with the purpose he has sent me on this earth.


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Man, woman and science of their relationship


Sitting ,eating , working and along with all other daily chores I am fighting  with conflicts of thoughts occurring in my  mind which further  stucked me with some hypothesis and that gave me answers of lots of things today.

Everyone wants partner in their life but all have some and other motive for the same. So watz a science of man and woman and their relationship. I think basicaly there are two types of women. One wants man in her life for love and other wants man in her life for money . Same way there are two types of men. One wants woman in his life for love and other one for physical needs. Now the woman wanting only love and man wanting the same in life seems to be of same frequency and a good match but rarely they get along reason might be for the woman wanting only love means she is independent financially and at her own a bit kind of strong one . So might be cn’t take dominancy in her life like her man telling what to do what not to do, and Man wanting only love might be a sensitive man and bit insecure always fearing of loosing love he get so might have trust issues too thats why he might try to keep his woman according to him and this may lead to arise in conflicts and leave them apart. Now man wants woman only for physical needs and woman wanting man only for money both seems to be materialistic hence same frequencies and seems to be good together but man here seems to b more space loving ,  practical hence may not like keep fulfilling his woman finacial needs at his loss. At same woman might b insecure abt his man as knowing his nature and not wanting to loose her comfort provided by her man so she might try to hold him tight, control him and all this might raise conflicts resulting in aparting them.

Now when man wanting love and woman wanting money when they come along , Man  keep giving woman what she wants and woman keep doing what his man wants as she is dependent on him here both are secure with what they want and both dominancy work for each other hence though of different frequencies both succeed in geting along with eachother. And same way man wanting only pysical and woman wanting only love when they come along,  Man give his woman complete freedom and space as he don’t have fear of losing her as not dependent on her emotionally and woman being busy with her work and loving the space and love she gets from her man keep giving what her man wants and along keep giving the space he needs. Here both get secure with their needs and hence inspite of differences in their frequencies they get along as space thing work for them here.

So actually The man and woman relationship is not that complicated and neither a rocket science but yha bringing different frequencies along together @ starting is a tuff job 😉


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Females love butterflies, why ?


I love butterflies and always wonder why ? what’s in it which make females love this insect so much. Well my reason is i love it for the wings and colours it has . Bt again in my assumption only insect which is loved so much by females why ? what so special?

Do all females all over world are in same shell in some or other way that all fall in love with same creature. Like me do all aspire for their wings ,do all aspire to see different colours of world with their wish, see and spread all colours of life. For i strongly believe females are blessed with lots of beautiful life colours in them sadly they are ask to behold them , we all know females love for colours is it because of the same, the colours they behold within make them choose same to express themself in silent . Back to topic , Why butterflies only ? does beauty attract or beauty with wings ? If this creature would have been love of all men  answer would be simple beauty with wings 😉 for they fall for outer beauty and love to play game of  running behind things.  But females are different they never fall for something on it’s outer look and hate playing games and run after anything. Then what’s in this insect which connect all the ladies in falling for it ? Does what we all aspire for ourself and find that in that tiny creature make us all fall for it.. Strange…


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