I The Mirror

m sm

I saw you flourishing your beauty in front of me,

Combing your hair beautifully, smiling with confidence, loving yourself.

I remember the spark in your eye, you grooming yourself to your best,

Dancing on music of surroundings, Oh My God !  you were so beautiful.

But this was never for me, your beauty, your smile, your aliveness,

This was for someone else who brought love in your life, but I love you too,

And will always till my last breath, For I am because of you.

But it has been days, you don’t come near to me now.

I had not seen your smile, spark in your eyes, any aliveness near.

I see you from a distance now, lying there, lost in thoughts ,

Tears rolling down your cheeks,  seems you stopped living now.


Do someone else always needed to make you feel loved?

Can’t you do that to you, can’t you live and relish what you have on your own,

Can’t you dance alone in your solitude, Can’t you sing along with birds out there ?

I always see you, I am always there with you, Even in your lonesome,

I make you look the real beauty lying within you,

I always admire it  and will love to admire it more with you.

I The Mirror miss you badly, please come back.


p.c. google



Fool like always, searching for the love around.

Taken for granted, yet  giving her all to the one always.

Dieing inside, smiling outside is her trait.

Weak she looks, tired she is, but standing strong  is what she is always.

Wish someone heal her pain, wish someone hold her hand.

Alone she lives,  but in company she will be alive for sure.

Strange is the world around, yet blending in is what you called “she” for sure.


p.c. google