अलग नजरिया, देश प्रेम एक / different opinion but love same

मै कौन ,

मेरी नराज़गी कौन ?

मै कौन, मेरी सोच कौन ?

पर वो मेरी माँ , वो तो कुछ है ,

उसकी नाराज़गी के तो मायने बनते हैं , उसकी सोच के तो मायने बनते हैं l

मुझ से ज्यादा वो नाराज है,

देख उसकी नाराजगी मैं दुखी हूँ ,

पर मुझ से ज्यादा वो दुखी है,

देख रही है अपने बच्चो को लड़ता वो, देख रही बोलती उनको माँ तेरी नही l

डर है माँ को, कर न दे बटवारा फिर से उसका ये नदान ज़िद्दी बच्चे ,

गैरो को न देदे मौका घर उसका तोड़ने का फिर से l

माँ मेरी, भारत है , देख रही है घर टूटता अपना वो l

English Translation

Who am I,

Why my disappointment will matter?

Who am I, why my thoughts will matter,

But the one who is our mother, she is something.

Her disappointment matters, her thoughts matter,

More than me she is annoyed,

Seeing her pain, I am upset,

but more than me she is upset .

She is watching her kids fighting, saying she is my mother not your’s,

Watching them becoming carrier of hatred for some selfish gainer of politics.

She is afraid the innocent kids of her will become reason for shattering her home again.

She is afraid in their innocence they will give others chance to enter her home and divide it .

Our mother is our motherland, she is in pain, seeing her kids getting divided by some selfish political gain.

P.s ~ Sad by Pulwama attack, another inhuman act to grieve on, sad to see humanity dieing, ironically in this moment too some ppl instead of grieving or paying tribute to great souls who are gone, declaring themselves nationalist and other anti-nationalist for not generalising any community or state.
I hate the persons who were behind this act, and I have full respect for all CRPF jawan who lost their lives, remember in these jawan there were some from the same valley and same community from where that person came who took these precious soul away from us.
Hate, love a person not generalise.
Pay tribute, grief not play dirty game of showing other down for not being like you.

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