एक उलझन/ tangle thoughts

बस एक जिद्द थी उसकी, कुछ सुनहरी यादें बुनने की संग तेरे ,

पर हर लमहे पे अफ़सोस हो, कुछ ऐसी यादें दे दी तूने उसे ,

एक मासूम सा सवाल था उसका , बिछडते हुए कुछ युं फिर भी ,

” याद तो आऊंगी ना मै तुम्हे कभी” l

English translation

She just wanted to have memories to treasure, you gifted her time to regret.

Fool she was , yet asking silly question on depart.

“Will you miss me someday ?”

~ Sneha

P.C Google.


8 thoughts on “एक उलझन/ tangle thoughts

    1. Relevant not from our view, but from a character which is portrait here it is.
      That’s why it is foolishness of the character or very innocent of her to even hope for that in the kind of blind relationship she is.
      Thank you for your read and understanding the work and character pain here 🙂


      1. I asked this question from her only that even for her, is it relevant now?
        But I think, she will respond to me that we don’t do things only after Judging it’s relevance all the time. 🙂
        Liked what you have written..

        Liked by 1 person

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