जी ले सावन / embrace the monsoon


ये जो हवा है कुछ ठण्डी सी ,
ये जो तितली है कुछ मचलती सी ,
ये जो चिड़िया है कुछ चहकती सी ,
ये जो बूंदे है कुछ बरसती सी ,
ये जो सुबह है कुछ सुहानी सी ,
ऐ  सावन ! ये तेरी ही तो दस्तक है ,
युं जिंदगी से भरी भरी सी l

          English translation
Could you feel the breeze,
Could you see those butterflies dancing,
Could you hear those birds chirping,
Could you see the Magic of water drops in this drizzling rain,
Could you feel this mesmerized morning,
What is this? you wondering too, like I do.
Oh dear it’s Monsoon,
Full of life it’s for sure,
Embrace it at moment,
for soon it will wave a bye for sure.

P.C. Google


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