Journey via heaven and hell- Part 3                      


To cut time sitting on these rocks, kill our fear, keep the hope alive was our new struggle now.The sounds of wild birds and animals, darkness all around, fear of snakes, lost in midst of jungle made us feel like spending the whole night was an herculean task. We both decided to live these moments to the fullest like this is the last day of our life. This gave us the confidence to break our enemy i.e fear. Slowly our tensions faded away. We started to observe good things of the nature – the open sky, twinkling stars above and the cool breeze flowing around. We started talking on various topics to spend time. We even talked about life after death. We played dumb charades, antakshari, word games etc. We both got more close to each other and understood each other more deeply. We both were equally hungry but nothing to eat or drink.That day I understood that even I can fast.
The climate was too cold, we were shivering without blankets. The scenario was reminding us of some movies. Each others support and company made all the odds bearable, but not for long, after a while cloud rose eating all the stars in the sky finally evaporating into rain. God is testing our patience so badly indeed, but luckily I had an umbrella in my bag. Since water was flowing around the rocks ,we had to stand up for hours now beneath the umbrella. She started singing songs to keep the mood alive and make me more active. I too joined her in that flow. With God’s grace ,rain stopped after few hours. We again sat on the rocks conversing with each other. The climate was more cooler than before and it was so chilling for us. I don’t remember when I slept but was woke up by her calling me pointing towards the sun which gave us a ray of hope.


We started our journey downwards. We were not getting the right paths which can lead us to a safe destination. We went through one route after the other searching the way but everything was in vain. Suddenly torch lighted in my brains and i thought what if we follow the water flowing through the forest . We started following it. The route in which water was flowing was a tough one because it was full of boulders, pits, tree branches and water streams. My hand got wounded because of the thorny plants. She fell many a time in the pit and hurt herself on the leg. Our bad luck, rain started pouring again all the way.

We didn’t care of anything nor we were afraid of the snakes which might have been there in that streams of water. After an hour and half of journey, we finally reached a place where we could see the broad daylight. The houses nearby boosted our confidence level. Our happiness at that moment cant be expressed in words. We were totally wet by rain water and our dress messy with muds and bits of branches and leaves on us.A villager stopped by and asked about us. We told the whole story. He told us that the forest had tigers and cobras and it was lucky that we survived the night. He took us to his home, gave
us food and clothes. As my pant was muddy and torn, he gave me his pants to wear. He even called us an auto to reach the town. These are the persons with golden heart which make us believe that humanity still exist. We thanked him and bid a farewell. We went along with his daughter and son in an auto to reach nearest town. It was a journey never to be forgotten in our lives. It was a journey via Heaven and hell.


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P.S. This story is written by my friend and me on his real life experience.
P.C. Self.


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