Journey via heaven and hell- Part 2                    

The top of rock was few feet above from bottom. So we decided to climb it up. In moment of living that serenity, we lost the track of time. The curvy path leading to the top is a different and difficult one and not as we thought initially. It was slippery and we fell couple of times.


The twilight started emerging, Sun started giving warning call. Yet we decided to fullfill our aim to reach the top. After a couple of time and with all our efforts, we finally reached top and it was like an eureka moment for us. We were so happy like we were on the top of the world. She pointed out to a building saying that it was her college. We could see whole of that place from the top. But little we knew was that  darkness was emerging sooner and faster. That very moment, we decided to go back. But we lost the way coz of darkness. We called out loudly so that villagers or someone might hear our sound and come for our help. We tried to find out human footprints so that we can follow the path.


But everything went in vain. We were searching all the alternate possible routes to go down, But most of the routes made us go further up. Lost in these forest in these darkness felt like deadly for sure. Now, seriously this place has become an hell. Suddenly some voice shook us up.

We felt like something is approaching us. She said some wild animal is coming towards us. We were definitely afraid of snakes as we were moving through grass bushes. We started moving forward with all our energy and vigour. We struggled till darkness spread its wings and we were left with only two options


–one is to still continue the mission downwards which was surely a gate pass to death in that dense and dark forest, and second is to move to a safer and open place to pass the night unharmed staying steady at a place.
We lost all our energy in the struggle to get downwards and we got fully exhausted. We were hearing whole lot of noises from all around. Everything put together, we decided to stick to the second plan with no other options left. We started moving forward using mobile flash. But in the mid, our only connection to the external world i.e. my mobile got switched off. We went upwards to finally reach a flat rock to sit and rest.
To be continued…

P.S. This story is written by my friend and me on his real life experience.
P.C. Self.


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