Journey via heaven and hell- Part 1

Two young bloods we were, both from different place, culture, caste, education, speaking different languages but we were united by one thing i.e LOVE

One fine day I  had some sudden
work near to her college. I finished my work mid afternoon and was calling her over phone. Her phone was out of network area. How can I forget, the place was still virgin of mobile towers, She had said me once,her hostel mates used to climb windows to get network. After trying for one hour,at last,the call got connected. I and her made a plan to meet at the nearest restaurant. Both of us finished our tea and snacks.So I was thinking,what next.Suddenly I remembered a place nearby I read about and  told her about that place called Konaje kallu . It is around 8km from her college. We decided to go there and reached the place at 4 pm. We could see 3 huge rocks on the top of a hill. As we both were adventurous, we decided to reach the top of the rock on the hills.


It seemed like the route to the cliff was not so easy as we thought. We were wondering which route to take. Our target was to reach top and back by 7 pm. The path was kind of sloppy curves and it was wet, like it rained here afternoon. The route was in midst of dense rain forest. We could hear chirping sounds of birds, sounds of insects and some unrecognised sounds. It might be of snakes or other animals. We even spotted some unrecognised creatures. But we subdued all our fears to reach our destination. From those slippery hills,dense forest and with all struggle, we reached the bottom of the rock .The bottom of the rock had a cave temple of lord Shiva. We prayed and sat there for sometime.



The scene was serene with full of greenery, fog all around and breeze of cool air which made us feel like it was heaven up there.
We could call it the nature untouched.

To be continued…
P.S. This story is written by my friend and me on his real life experience.
P.C. Self.


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