Aaj main kal tum/today me, tomorrow you


Aaj Main yahan,
Kal tum yahan hoge,
Waqt kabhi ek sa kahan hoga…

Tanhai ke rudaad rang badlengey apney yahan,
Sathi koi hum sa bhee hoga, kahin wahan.

Tanahiyo Me apni kbhi dhoondne aaogey  humey,
Hongey kahan tab hum yahan..

chod tanhai kahin peechey apni,
nikal chukey hongey tab hum bhee kahin.

* rudaad – story

English translation

Today I m here,
Tomorrow you will be,
time remains same  always when ?

Stories of loneliness will change their colour some day,
Somewhere there will be someone like me too, he will come for sure some day.

In your loneliness you will come to search me,
But will I be always here for you?

Might be I have left my loneliness far behind, and have moved on in my world by that time.

p.c. google

25 thoughts on “Aaj main kal tum/today me, tomorrow you

  1. naina chaudhary

    Hellozz hope u r doing good ..i am naina disturbing u just to say visit my blog once may b you like it and want to follow ..and yeah ur blog is kind of my fav ..i loved it ❤💙


      1. Cezane & Michelle

        Michelle was born at India, currently at the UK.
        Cezane has his far ancestors who were from India,
        Currently at an island named Mombasa that resides near Kenya in Africa. And my hindi isnt that smooth. Cheers! – Cezane


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