Small things not a diamond ring


She needs a walk in a moon light,

A calm night lying next to you,

fight on small things, like walk after food right or wrong.

Morning cuddle,

Pat on a cheek,

Small things is all she needs,

memories to cherish,

Moments to be lived.

Her world is in them,

All she need is a small thing,

not a diamond ring.

you give her that with your heart,

Correct her silly things,

fumbling words,

comfort her nervousness,

say her imperfection is what make her HER

And there she is, with a melted heart,

Love unbeatable like a Juliet,

Care like a mother,

silent prayers of a sister,

Beauty and power of all women in one,

not for a day, for a month but for always,

all of it for you and only you for always.

(P.S. most of the men wonder and talk about women, say they are complicated, hard to win, but truth is they are not. Wish this poem solve your puzzle regarding women, understanding them is not a rocket science, believe me.)
– Sneha

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8 thoughts on “Small things not a diamond ring

  1. You have described a girl’s emotion in a very lucid style… n yeah I totally agree understanding girls is not a rocket science.. they simply need small things not a diamond ring! 👍

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