Cutzpa/ Madness


Today while counselling one of a friend at a heart broken stage , many thoughts came to me on my observation on boys, girls and their relationships which I have seen till date. So today I am simply expressing my views on people who fall with wrong ones, their view after breakups, and what exactly it is. And yes the madness they were living while being in a relationship.

Cutzpa / madness yes it is in all of us, because of this many of us fall for ppl who are opposite to us, wonder why, i think it’s simple universal rule “opposite attracts” .

Because of this madness only, Good boys fall for wrong girls, tolerate their tantrums, unnecessary demands, keep paying their shopping bills also carry their bags (poor guys), yet they left heart broken, and they keep on saying girls are bitches, yes they are but not all, unfortunately you got one of them and on name of love you ignore all her flaws in spite of her having lots of them, and she when get a better option, start seeing only flaw of yours which were very less in you, because of her unstable nature, yet you were stick to her, this is what madness/cutzpa of yours was.

Same goes with girls, good girls fall for wrong boys, tolerate their attitude, their always being busy, their filthy talks, only interest of them in body, understand their needs on name of love (poor girls) yet they are left heart broken, then they keep on saying all men are dogs, yes they are but not all, same, unfortunately you got one of them and you ignore all his flaw adjust with him on name of love, but unfortunately he always saw flaw in you because of his unstable nature, yet you keep trying your best to hold him, were stick to him till last and this is what chutzpa/madness of yours was.

It’s not love, boy, or girl who are bad, it’s just you fallen for wrong. Wrote this because if someone reading my blog and is still in one of that mad love, than it might be a help to them to move on, though know they won’t, they will try till last, will give there all to hold it, will have their own experience then with time will overcome with it.
(I m Not a relationship expert, these are just my observation and view based on them)

~ Sneha

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