Ankahee/ unsaid


Kuch baatein aaj phir ankahee c reh gayi,

Koi dastaan phir aaj adhuri c reh gayi.

Berukhi bayan kar gayi kisi ki aaj phir kuch,

Jubaan kisi ki aaj bin boley kuch phir reh gayi.

Kuchey se aaj phir, khwaab koi dastak de nikla,

Ishq ki jubaan aaj phir bezubaan hogayi.

Kahani aaj koi phir adhuri reh gayi,

Dastan aaj phir koi ankahee c reh gayi.


Few things are left unsaid again today,

Some story is left incomplete again today.

Rudeness of someone revealed something again today,

Voice of someone went silent today again.

A dream came by knocked at the door and left again today,

Voice of love went silent today again.

Some story made incomplete again today,

Some tale today went unsaid again.

~ Sneha

p.c. google


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