Thankful to all who met in our way to inspire us more.


I can’t express my gratitude and how touch I am to find today that I had been nominated for cool blogger liebster award.

Big thanks to Mr. Aishwarya creator of beautiful blog for considering me capable of this. For I myself , never consider me belonging any near to such event..

Though inspite of such an honour and my excitement, I am failing to take an active part in it , because of my being trap @ place with bad internet service..

Ohh God ! This is appetite for my soul, and I am starving badly for not able to access internet properly specially this wordpress site . But that’s what life is, serving you bit, asking you to get adjust with whatever you get , so that you can relish big later..

It’s rightly said if u keep moving on road of life, thn sometime on the way you get some unknown , who without any connection to you, inspires you , give more meaning to you, bring best out of you by showing you hope and faith in you, and unknowingly with their positivity, their light, they enhance your positivity more taking away all the dark trying to trap u in..



5 thoughts on “Thankful to all who met in our way to inspire us more.

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