Human just like you all..

I mainly talk about woman and her feelings for that I am and experience life from her eye only. But I always believe to feel life more you should feel it by walking in everyone’s shoes once a while that’s the way life will be live more, feel more.. So today I thought I should try myself in man shoes a bit let’s see how right or how wrong I go there… Short poetry by female trying to think what man thinks.


” I am the man , assumed with all the power in my hand,, the master of perfection,, the saviour of all..

Why am i the God ?? Ever Tried to consider me as human,one full of errors like you all..Why I need to be a saviour?? May be I Am the one who need to be saved like you all..

Provider I assume to be always,, baggage with responsibilities,, Man to be always..

Why I can’t be a taker of perks , why my responsibilities can’t be share, why the boy within me can’t live..

Don’t make me God, I am just a human, don’t judge me for being weak, don’t baggage me with what I don’t wan,, don’t kill the boy within me who just wan to keep running bare footed in a field..

I am a man with a boy inside me , human hungry for love and care like all, scared of darkness and violence like all, weak and frustrated in my lonely hours, full of emotions, vulnerable not lack of empathy just like you all…

Just a human like you all… ”


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