Nothing last..


She was lonely but yet content ,no complaints, just made peace with what she had…

No one was with her but yet she was happy with small stuffs of world… returning smile to little kids roaming around, feeling beauty of  blossoming of a flowers around, relishing aroma of dry mud when meet drops of water out of blue…

Her life was not that bad it was content with what she have, she was happy in her solitude…

But what is in this world which last forever…One pleasant day her door was knocked with all the happiness , she was not hoping for to come by any day, but for how long? she doesn’t want to guess, just don’t want to think of losing her fairy world, fantasy world no wonder what a magic it holds..

It was beautiful, everything seems to fall in line, all world seems to be smiling at her and she back to them, her world was full of love, care and concern which she never thought would be for her, not lonely any long but content like always, though was swinging in swing of emotions now..

But what is in this world which last forever.. The happiness which knocked her door kissed her goodbye soon, was not knowing life of loneliness is so long and love so short, never ever she thought it will  last only like a fling…

Loneliness came along once again but it took all her being content she felt once with whatever she have,emptiness was now there, solitude was like killing, what little she had is all lost now, feeling tired, lacking empathy, lost in dark..

Emptiness took the smile she returns, no essence of life was existing for her now, no hope was better when it was content, but she don’t know how to live now, wondering hoping for better to come when none may never come or accepting few like her are meant to be alone always …

Forgetting the power of time beholden, lost in dark, wondering where she lies,
Forgot there is nothing in this world which last forever..


p.c. google


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