120 seconds of different life I felt at traffic signal

Empty roads , greenery around ,cool winds blowing playing with my hairs making me tickle Riding back to home at speed of 80. And Here comes the Traffic roads causing me to leave all the fun of driving behind and thus came red light making me halt here for  120 seconds.
Here it’s the time where something strike you out of blue but today no random thoughts, not remembering some forgotten work , but is a sad reality of life which strike me here , at red light what I saw is a life enough to shattered me, poverty to make me sadden enough..
Two kids aging around 5 -6 one dressed and had make up of a monkey another with a stick and a tiny drum , performing a small art of monkey dance and collecting money on this signal. I wonder is this the childhood they have ? Is this the only game they are made to play ? Is’nt it their age to enjoy the dramas, to understand and relish what entertainment is all about, how can  these little kids are left to earn their living? art of begging involving the kids, read about it number of times but never imagined it exist in my weirdest dream, I thought it’s wrong but then i saw traffic police sideling them to corner stopping them from disturbing us.
I wanted to do something for them but right now not in position to do any. But gladly I got candies in my purse , I bend down to pick my purse from floor of my scooter where it’s resting, but I forgot I am @ red light and here this 120 seconds got over in my thinking about the scenario around, green light blink, and time which i always curse for lasting so long i curse it for slipping so fast. Vehicles start honking giving me no time to take out candies for those little kids and despite of feeling their pain and wanting to give them something I cowardly  left those pleading eyes in my rush..


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