Blogging is a beautiful gift one can give to themselves indeed


I m not a writer, yet I write here. I m a newbie in this world . sometime I write bad, sometime just fine, sometime worth reading. But whatever I write all is a mirror of my soul and mind. Therefore bad or good all give peace to me once I finish with them.
But this blogging is not only about what we express and how we express but it also give us a chance to read different kind of work , to understand world from others eye, to connect us with anonymous different writers, to live different life through reading their work. Itz like putting yourself in their shoes and living what they felt through their work.
Once in a school i remember we had a story explaining us the importance of reading , how man being in a solitude lived his life and got fine knowledge of world being in an imprisonment for 20 years just by being in a contact with all kind of books and in habit of reading them where as his friend was in depression and living a miserable life in spite of having a good social and family life.
Story remembered here for that’s what this blogging giving us life, inspiration, knowledge of understanding and knowing world better. Yha I agree being social is an important part of life and I m  not a nerd too . But how can i not talk about and praise the thing which is giving me and teaching me so much daily in my life. The platform which give me inspiration from within, make me confident by making me meet myself , the one where i came to know I m not alone whole world is like me. How can I not talk about it.
We all have pains , we all have beauty of life inside. Things shared here are talking about the same in one or other way. When we are disappointed the pain of others give us inspiration if they can live with it then we can live with our’s too. Beauty of life shared here give us hope show us rainbow in dark sky’s giving us a message that life has this beauty and we may get to live it too one day, as we ourselves had lived it a bit while reading it.
Pouring ourselves out give us a peace of mind and soul, confidence to deal with ourselves and the surroundings. Once i read somewhere talking is good , and  keeping things inside kill man. So here is our saviour where we keep talking, keep sharing whatz inside us. Keeping listing what other’s have. And even if someone is lonely they are never alone if they have this beautiful friend with them. Blogging is a beautiful gift one can give to themselves indeed. And I Am thankful to it. I can’t thank every article i read here which make me live them while i m reading them, which inspires me, which teach me something  but through this blog a big thank to them and to wordpress for making me meet and live the new world , new life.


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