Man, woman and science of their relationship


Sitting ,eating , working and along with all other daily chores I am fighting  with conflicts of thoughts occurring in my  mind which further  stucked me with some hypothesis and that gave me answers of lots of things today.

Everyone wants partner in their life but all have some and other motive for the same. So watz a science of man and woman and their relationship. I think basicaly there are two types of women. One wants man in her life for love and other wants man in her life for money . Same way there are two types of men. One wants woman in his life for love and other one for physical needs. Now the woman wanting only love and man wanting the same in life seems to be of same frequency and a good match but rarely they get along reason might be for the woman wanting only love means she is independent financially and at her own a bit kind of strong one . So might be cn’t take dominancy in her life like her man telling what to do what not to do, and Man wanting only love might be a sensitive man and bit insecure always fearing of loosing love he get so might have trust issues too thats why he might try to keep his woman according to him and this may lead to arise in conflicts and leave them apart. Now man wants woman only for physical needs and woman wanting man only for money both seems to be materialistic hence same frequencies and seems to be good together but man here seems to b more space loving ,  practical hence may not like keep fulfilling his woman finacial needs at his loss. At same woman might b insecure abt his man as knowing his nature and not wanting to loose her comfort provided by her man so she might try to hold him tight, control him and all this might raise conflicts resulting in aparting them.

Now when man wanting love and woman wanting money when they come along , Man  keep giving woman what she wants and woman keep doing what his man wants as she is dependent on him here both are secure with what they want and both dominancy work for each other hence though of different frequencies both succeed in geting along with eachother. And same way man wanting only pysical and woman wanting only love when they come along,  Man give his woman complete freedom and space as he don’t have fear of losing her as not dependent on her emotionally and woman being busy with her work and loving the space and love she gets from her man keep giving what her man wants and along keep giving the space he needs. Here both get secure with their needs and hence inspite of differences in their frequencies they get along as space thing work for them here.

So actually The man and woman relationship is not that complicated and neither a rocket science but yha bringing different frequencies along together @ starting is a tuff job 😉


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