Females love butterflies, why ?


I love butterflies and always wonder why ? what’s in it which make females love this insect so much. Well my reason is i love it for the wings and colours it has . Bt again in my assumption only insect which is loved so much by females why ? what so special?

Do all females all over world are in same shell in some or other way that all fall in love with same creature. Like me do all aspire for their wings ,do all aspire to see different colours of world with their wish, see and spread all colours of life. For i strongly believe females are blessed with lots of beautiful life colours in them sadly they are ask to behold them , we all know females love for colours is it because of the same, the colours they behold within make them choose same to express themself in silent . Back to topic , Why butterflies only ? does beauty attract or beauty with wings ? If this creature would have been love of all men  answer would be simple beauty with wings 😉 for they fall for outer beauty and love to play game of  running behind things.  But females are different they never fall for something on it’s outer look and hate playing games and run after anything. Then what’s in this insect which connect all the ladies in falling for it ? Does what we all aspire for ourself and find that in that tiny creature make us all fall for it.. Strange…


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