day to celebrate teaching of all teacher’s and birthday of lord Krishna teacher of world.


I m so glad to celebrate janmastmi and teacher’s day on same day…so happy to celebrate the teachings of all my teacher’s and b’day of lord with his great  teachings.. Lord Krishna who taught me and whole world science and philosophy of life, who taught us the philosophy of Karma, who gave us the courage to live life by following the righteous path shown by our heart, who taught us to b believer, who show us the meaning of friendship & love, who taught us to b down to earth and never feel shy in serving others,  and there’s a lot and lot  taught by our lord Krishna by his teachings and his living ( ofcourse cn’t write or summaries Geeta here 😉 )

I find him the most lively and practical lord in whole mythology.Has it been not his teachings then how world has been fearing his deeds ? has he had not taught devotion of love would world be knwing the meaning of love? Has he had not taught the art of living with friends , would world be knowing it ? Has he had not choosen to guide the lost the right path would world be knowing the meaning of guidance ? His life, His philosophy, his teachings, his lessons all gave us courage to live our life happy and in a right way.


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