stop complaining and be thankful is a right way to live.

thank to life

Sitting and thinking a lot today like always.but earlier i have no where to pen down my thoughts, but thanks to today’s techonolgy for bestowing man with all they need.

On my way to work i was relishing all the normal day to day stuff ,  kids with cute uniform and  heavy bags(ahh these bags not good part here) are going to school, morning cool breeze blowing, greenry of parks i cross on my way, Poor ppl sitting out of temples to seek some help from devotes cmng there . Nothing new but just thn saw poor lady happy outside a temple on getting some food by one of the devote came there to donate some fruits to dese ppl. On geting fresh fruit that poor lady eye started glowing, sparked..i was driving by and just got a glimpse of it and it keep me  thinking whole day. Her sparkling eye which glimpse i got by chance , keeping me think so much ,  why was that sparkle in her eye ? was it for getting fresh fruits , was it for she had never got it , or was it something she got for her kid, was she too hungry that a little food given by man gave her all the thing she needed. Then i started thinking why beggars are sitting outside holy places is it because of crowd coming there or beacause they think and know ppl come here to connect wid God and the one who  came wid that intention and have sources will never ignore God’s creature seaking help (after all poor or what they too are bestow wid best mind on dis planet won’t they b doing there maths before askng people to help thm.)

Well thinking all dis i reached my work place had bit work here finished it thn asa i got free and was left with nothing to do i got lost again in my thoughts , this time i was thinking about myself, my life and started feeling sorry about something and was complaining in my mind  just thn morning thing strike and i felt huu m i sick ? Do i have rght to complain about anything to God?  Haven’t i have a lot what if i have bit ups and downs , what if i dn’t have few things i wanted. Should i b selfish and complaining for my pitty things to the one who gave me so much, who protected me in this world from all the bad out there without my asking.

The poor, the rich, the mediocre no one is blessed in dis world wid what all they want. It’s rule of life. The few who have a lot  and missing a bit complain to God , the few like those beggars who have nothing but when get a bit thank to God. It’s all about living right finding the happiness with what you have. If we want to live and feel life we have to stop complaining him for what we don’t have and should stop feeling sorry for ourself. Instead  thank him for what all he gave us and should be relishing it..


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6 thoughts on “stop complaining and be thankful is a right way to live.

      1. Thanks again, no words for your this gesture 🙂
        And really a great idea, I too do that some time to the blogs whose writing skills I find good ..
        Though my earlier work is newbie work, full of errors I think, yet I hope it is able to convey the gist in right way .

        Liked by 1 person

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