Take initatives in life and you will relish beauty of life..

Today is a festive day, spzl day for brother nd sister..i have a baby bro 8 yr youngers to me whom i love to an extreme nd for whom i feel very mothery itz other story he treat me like a lil gal dese days..i feel rly lucky to have him in my life nd i cn’t imagine my life widout him. V celebrate dis day wid lots of sweets, beautiful rakhi’s nd me by cooking spzl dishes fr him.

But this time he is out of town for studies nd cud’nt come for festival, nd i serving as a resident doctor choose to go to work so that the others who need off can take it for spending time wid their family. Since morning i was feeling so empty nd missing him a lot. But whn i came @ work i found vry few staff it was obvious . the one i was left @ workplace share same emptiness, they too ve their siblings apart or haven’t got off.

I m usually in my cabin bt today out of blue i thought to b wid staff. I went to thm nd started wid general chit chat dey told me dey dislikng their empty hands ( missing rakhi threads on it ) nd missing sweets. I felt emotional nd said so wat if v r @ work lets ve a party here, v all arranged bit fud stuffs, i went to near by store nd brought rakhi threads for all, dey were not my siblings bt just a fellow wid same emptiness. Bt on just my small initative nd thier too needless to say, v all became a strong family today. I relished today dis beauty of life killing de emptiness by spreading smiles..



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