Worried abt my country

recent new developed communities asking reservation fr them mke me sick ( on patel reservation issue)
I m basicaly agaist reservation for any community for de era whn it started de caste , sub caste were de status of ppl it speak abt their socio, finacial, nd abt all their life bt today era is changed nw finacial status define person.. Nd nuthng wrong in it it’s fair…
i want my  country to b developed country nd dis reservation will never let my nation come @dis stage for today reservation is not to upbring de lower nd needy  for helping in develpoment of our nation bt to gve de greedy , sympathy gainer   by taking more frm de struggling nd hardwrkng ppl..nd no nation can grow by being bias to few ppl…reservation need to b stopped or to b reformed i.e. only for de needy like ppl cmng under BPL..
In a democratic country like us few perks sud b given vry wisely to ppl if needed to gve for de progress of the nation..



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