Life wat u r


Life wondering wat u r
a wretch ,  a providential
Sometime game of Popeye, sometime game of throne …
Mess of head, clear of heart
Smile of a kid, tear of a broken heart
Sometime magnetize , sometime repugnant …
Forgiving the weakness, forgetting  de pain,
Never stopping , never rethinking
Loathing de worst , relishing de best is all wat u r….

p.c. google


One thought on “Life wat u r

  1. Reblogged this on expressingwings and commented:

    Scrolling at my blog today.. and at end needless to say I reach from where I started, Rebloging my first blog which I wrote three months back.. If this blog had facebook feature I would have surlely wrote”reading my first blog posted 3 months back feeling nostalgic” 😉


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